More Bizarre, Strange and Weird Home Remedies

Long before modern medicine, home remedies were used to treat anything from a sore throat to the black plague or a colicky baby.

No matter what your culture or a family tradition or what part of the world you come from, home remedies are legendary. Some have been proven to have some medicinal healing properties while others are just down right bizarre.

Now don’t get me wrong, not all the bizarre ones are a fluke. In fact, I have put together a list of some bizarre and not so bizarre home remedies that have proven to be amazingly effective. However, I do not recommend you trying any home remedy without checking with your local doctor, or any other, medical practitioner.

Burns: Where’s the Mustard

For a minor burn just dab a little mustard on the burned area. Although it may sting a little it will soon take the pain away and reduce scarring and blistering.

Insect Bites and Stings: Get a Banana

Rub the bite or sting with the inside of a banana peel. Some people have experienced amazing relief and healing this way.

Bruising: A Little Dab of Butter

Gently apply butter and NOT margarine to the bruise immediately after the bruise appears. Also, a mustard poultice applied to the bruise is said to be very effective. It will draw the blood away from the bruise.

Diarrhea: Lemon or Wine

Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a large glass of water and drink this at least 4 to 5 times a day and it will kill the pathogens causing diarrhea. Another one is, drink 6-ounces red or white wine. It contains poly phenols, an anti-bacterial.

Poison Oak and Ivy: Get Catnip

Squeeze the juice out of catnip leaves and apply it to the rash. Catnip has anti-inflammatory properties. this will reduce the itching and speed up the healing.

Got Dandruff: Try Some Listerine

For a mild case of dandruff rinse your hair Listerine mouthwash, making sure to get the roots. This said to be very effective but do NOT use this if your scalp is broken or bleeding, it has antiseptic properties. Don’t like Listerine, try a tea made of sage or burdock and use as a rinse after shampooing.

Corns Hurt: Lemon Peel

Soak a small piece of cloth in vinegar and gently bind it over night, or soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes and apply a small piece of the inside of the lemon peel to your corn.

Indigestion: Have Some Vinegar

If you suffer from corns then try mixing two tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of water then add a little honey for flavor and drink slowly with your meals.

Excessive Underarm Odor: Rub a Little Vinegar

If you have excessive underarm odor then try rubbing them with alcohol, white vinegar or witch hazel instead of deodorant.

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  1. Great job. Thanks for sharing these great remedies. I will definitely try a few soon, especially the remedy for heartburn.

  2. You have come up with another winner, Debra. I shall certainly be trying some of these remedies. Great job.


  3. Great article, i have never heard of some of this stuff, but I might have to give it a try.

  4. I know some of these remedies. Great job!

  5. Thanks for some really, really great tips, Debra. I totally believe in home remedies, so I’m keeping these.

  6. another good article, my mom used to treat my insect bites with vinegar.

  7. These sound more practical than weird. I use vinegar on insect bites too. Someone told me that you need to know what kind of sting you have, some are better treated with asparin. Unfortunately I can’t remember which.
    I have often used aloe vera on scrapes and burns – I just cut off a chunk of the plant,slice it lengthwise and tape it juicy side down over the scrape. I found out the hard way, that squeezing the juice and storing it does not work. It is rancid the next day! (Maybe it needs to be refrigerated?)

  8. Much our modern medicine comes from some form of plant life. Many of these old home remedies are cheaper than using the modern stuff. Good article Deb.

  9. Great article!

  10. Another great article with some unusual natural remedies, thanks for this.

  11. Very interesting read, lots of good tips here, Great article!!

  12. yep, we do use herbal ways to cure minor bruises and burns so I am not that surprised.. I was just curious if the mouthwash will bubble if used as shampoo..

  13. Herbs are great, and most of them do no harm. It goes back to times when people had to make their own home remedies and they learned by trail and error.

  14. Check out the indigestion tip, you need a fix there – All good stuff though! I have used several. For burns, particularly sunburn, white vinegar is very helpful and prevents blistering.

    Karen, you can refrigerate pieces of Aloe for use, but only a day or two – we grow it too.

  15. Pretty interesting stuff. Some of them really make a lot of sense, especially the use of vinegar or lemon juice.

  16. Useful tips.

  17. Wow you always seem to amaze me with your articles. I love reading them

  18. Great job! I never knew of most of these remedies!

  19. What a great article…

  20. useful tips. i am wondering with vinegar to cure underarm odor. under arm odor smells sour don’t you think it smells more sour if you put vinegar?…lol

  21. Hmmm, I will have to give these a whirl…Thanks!


  22. Great article! Very strange stuff!

  23. really weird,worth a try

  24. Some home treatments do work…but some dont. Thank you for this list and info.

  25. Great list. I have even heard of breastmilk for sore eyes :)

  26. …and a drop of urine for cuts…lol

  27. I come from a time when most of these remedies were in regular use. Great article, Debra.

  28. I keep vinegar around just for these certain situations

  29. Stocking my cabinet with all of these remedies. Thanks for the good info.

  30. I haven’t heard of some of these remedies. Although out here in the desert, I use toothpaste for bites and minor burns…lol. Weird but it works.

  31. I love natural remedies for everything..Thanks for sharing this!

  32. They are totally AWKWARD TURTLE REMEDIES! They are the best remedies in the world!!!!!

  33. Listerine for danduruff??? wow…

  34. can this cure cancer??? lol joke ^_^

  35. Sometines home remedies are the best

  36. I love home remedies; I search for them. Tahnk you for these-especially the one about excess sweating.

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