Natural Remedies for Common Health Problems

Common health problems can be treated in a natural way. Now a days, even medical doctors are realizing the benefits and effectiveness of natural remedies for some common health problems.

Most people believe that natural remedies are better than drugs because they are natural and don’t have side effects. Here are some natural remedies you can use for some common health problems:



One tip for alcohol drinkers for them not to wake up in the morning with a heavy head is to drink a glass of water after every alcohol drink and another glass of water before going to bed. Water slows down all the alcohol you’ve consumed.



If you have shingles or rashes in your face, ice can be a useful remedy to reduce the irritations. Applying ice on the affected area can reduce the pain, swelling and itchiness. Ice can also reduce the acne scars by a small extent temporarily.


Gargling with salt if you have sore throat soothes a scratchy throat and helps wash phlegm away. Gargle four or five times a day with a solution of one teaspoon of salt and a cup of warm water. Make sure the water is not hot, just enough to endure its hotness.



Pineapples are loaded with enzymes that can help digest protein so if you have eaten too much, a bit of fresh pineapple may make you feel better.



Ginger is an effective treatment for nausea, motion sickness or morning sickness. Drinking a cup of ginger tea 30 minutes before a trip may help prevent motion sickness. You can also put a piece of ginger in any tea to prevent your dizziness.


Treatment for Depression

Lodine – Arthritis Treatment

Lortab as a Pain Reliever

Lopressor – Treatment for Chest Pains and High Blood Pressure



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  1. very helpful info

  2. Great tips. I definitely enjoy ginger tea.

  3. Excellent. They are proven natural remedies indeed. :-)

  4. Great share! The bit about pineapple is very interesting

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  6. nice one madam… these are really useful tips. many take these natural remedies for granted and resolve into medications. These are more efficient that spending money..:-]

  7. Common items that are very useful in dealing with some health problems.

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  10. Didn’t know about pineapple…. great for christmas time lol

  11. These are very good substitutes for actual medicines — handy anytime. Great and useful list, friend!

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  13. Great advice. I am beginning to use more and more natural methods myself for curing ailments.

  14. ala, ang dami nyan sa tali-papa, some remedies ngayon ko lang nalaman, specially gibger. eh kapag naamoy ko yan nahihilo nga ako. weird?

  15. good. we have plenty of these in the kitchen. thanks.

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  25. wonderful article! this will help many people

  26. @idol are not weird idol,lol! Based on my research,about 10% out of 100% from their studies experienced dizziness in drinking ginger or by just smelling it,so you are just included in the 10%,lol!

  27. Thank you. The only one I knew about was the sore throat!

  28. I like pineapple. Good to know it has this benefit.

  29. Great tips. :-)

  30. Great tips! For sore throat I always use salt water!

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  32. Natural remedies gives wonderful benefits but will cost you less or even nothing at all. Nice share.

  33. Natural and very practical. Thanks!

  34. Ginger for nausea treatment — I didn’t know this until I read your article. Great info here.

  35. These are really helpful and very much accessible too, thanks.

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