Natural Ways to Heal Burns

Natural ways to heal burns are explained.

A burn is a very common thing one faces while working in the kitchen. Everyone must have burnt their hand at least once in in their life time in the kitchen. You don’t need a reason for this to happen. However careful you are, you will burn your hand often.

You may get a burn from the side of the oven when you are taking your hand off it. You may burn your finger when you try to remove the lid sometimes. There is no definite case in which you may burn your hand.

Though it is a common thing to get a burn, you should not leave it without taking any remedy. It would be difficult to do your work with burns on your hand as it really hurts. You can try the following remedies at home itself

The first thing you have to do when you got a burn is to place your water in a stream of cold water. Just turn the tap on and place the affected area under a medium flow of cold water. This gives an instant relief as it almost completely takes the pain away. Besides relieving from the pain, it avoids the formation of any blister in the time to come.

You can use the Aloe vera paste(gel) too. Aloe Vera is a plant which has very thick leaves and these leaves are filled with gel. They grow in literally any conditions. They can live even without a drop of water throughout their life. You just need to take a leaf and peel the outer layer. You can then remove the gel with the hand and you have to place this gel on the affected area. This gives a very soothing feeling as it has the power to cool the skin. This reduces the burning effect and avoids the formation of any marks on the skin in the future.

You can try potatoes too for relief from the pain caused due to burning. Just cut the potato into slices and place these slices on the affected area and hold it. It reduces the burning sensation almost immediately. If you can not hold the slices of potato on the affected area, you can use plasters or bandages to tie around the slices.

You can mix henna paste with mustard oil and apply this paste on the burns. Since both henna and mustard oil have the property of cooling the skin, you will get an instant relief with the use of this paste. You will also be less prone to develop a blister upon healing.

A quick and easy way to heal the burns is to apply some honey on the affected places.

One of the very conventional remedy people are using for many years is using a banana. Just take the pulp of the banana and place it on the burnt area. It gives relief instantly and it doesn’t allow the formation of a blister too.

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