Remedies For Head Congestion

Ease head congestion without drugs.

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I don’t like suffering from head congestion because it can make your headache (How To Ease Headaches Without Drugs) worse.  Head congestion can affect your sinuses too. Head congestion makes your head feel stopped up.  I have some tips for how to ease head congestion without drugs.  It is better to use remedies that don’t require drugs because it may not be suitable for all people.  Most people taking medication for other ailments may not be able to take over the counter medicine so it’s better to have remedies that don’t require you to take drugs.

Here are the remedies for head congestion:

Drink Warm or Hot Water

You should drink warm or hot water every 20 minutes or so.  It will alleviate your congestion.  You don’t want to make the water too hot that you wouldn’t be able to drink it.

Eat Spicy Foods

Like with nasal congestion, you should eat spicy foods.  Drink steamy liquids (tea or hot water) with spicy food.  This will make your nose runny.  Sinus drainage relieves pressure in your head and will cause the congestion to ease up.  This isn’t the most pleasant thing to think about, but it would be worth it to get rid of congestion.  I don’t eat spicy foods so this tip would be more helpful for those who eat it.

Keep Yourself Warm

It will help you get cured faster if you stay well covered.  You should get a couple of covers and bundle up.

Get Rest

This tip can never be stressed enough.  It helps your system fight off colds.

Take Vitamin C

Take large doses of Vitamin C.  You can take the pills, but it’s also important to drink orange juice at room temperature.  I like to drink orange juice so this tips is not hard for me.

Limit Dairy and Sugar Consumption

Limit your consumption of dairy and sugar products.  They promote formation of mucus and make congestion worse than it is.  I try to drink milk, but I have no problem avoiding it if it will keep congestion from getting worse.

Massage Nasal Cavity and Temples

Massaging around nasal cavity and temples may help relieve head congestion. It can also relieve tension in your head. 

These are all the remedies I have for head congestion.  Feel free to check out my remedies for chest and nasal congestion.  You can also check out my article how to avoid germs so you may be able to prevent getting sick.

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