The Dangers of Backyard Swimming Pools

Backyard swimming pools can be a source of relief from heat as well as a fun time for children. To keep backyard swimming fun there are some very important rules that should be followed to keep your child safe.

Backyard swimming pools can be a source of fun and cooling down when the temperatures outside becomes too much. The same backyard pools can be a source of danger for the child if they are unaware of the problems that can arise from this source of fun. A child should never use any type of swimming pool unless they are supervised by an adult. To avoid the potential dangers there are steps you can put in place so your child can enjoy swimming without problems and enjoy the water for what it is intended for.

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Knowing CPR

Knowing CPR is probably your next and best line of defense against the dangers of swimming pools with supervision being first.CPR is something that you can give your child and it will bring you peace of mind knowing that you can use it if necessary. Children can drown in a very small amount of water. You can perhaps save your child’s life by learning CPR. Hopefully you will never have to use it but it will be comforting to know you can if the need arises.

Always teach your children safety

Regardless of how young your child is or how big or small the swimming pool is you should try to teach them how to be safe in and around a pool. Let your child grow with safety rules in mind. At times you may think that your words are not sinking in but your child is listening and eventually you will see the rewards of your time and patience. Take your child to swimming lessons as soon as they are old enough. The sooner they feel comfortable in the water the safer they will be. Even with swimming lessons children still need adult supervision. It only takes thirty seconds for a child to drown.

Fencing around your pool

If you have a backyard pool fencing becomes very important especially if you have a toddler. Your fence should completely surround your pool and should be the height of at least five feet. It should have a self locking gate that is at least five feet from the ground with the lock located on the pool side. Your fencing should not be more than three inches apart to prevent little bodies from squeezing through on their own.

When swimming is finished

When swimming time is over remove all floatation devices you had in the pool and store them away out of sight. If they are left in the pool they can attract a child’s attention and cause them to try and reach them. The best policy is if they are out of sight they are out of your child’s mind making it less likely your child will wander to the pool area. Another step to safety is to keep important phone numbers close by the poolside just in case you may need them.

Swimming is a part of summer that we all look forward to. You want your children to enjoy the water when the heat becomes unbearable but safety should be thought of first. By taking small steps in safety you will be rewarded in the future as you watch yur child enjoy the water by following the rules.

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