The Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is nature’s own little wonder metal, with its ability to kill disease causing organisms. It is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the most powerful antibiotics known to man.

Silver has long been seen as the perfect natural antibiotic. In the old days cowboys used to fill their canteens with fresh water and then toss in a silver coin to keep that water pure in the hottest weather. Silver has been used for decades in the eyes of newborns to prevent infection. The fact is, harmful bacteria cannot survive in an environment that is rich with silver particles. That is why colloidal silver is such a powerful potion in the fight against disease.

The word “colloidal” means that the silver is electrically removed from its source and attached to water molecules to form a new molecule. It is however an extremely unstable molecule and must be kept in dark glass bottles, out of direct sunlight. The new molecule falls apart when stored in a plastic container.

There have been rumors throughout the media that colloidal silver can cause a serious side effect known as Argyria. This is a condition where the skin actually turns permanently gray. Truth is in the fact that colloidal silver is not the cause of Argyria after all. Silver nitrate and silver sulfide can both cause the condition, and silver nitrate by itself is the cause of a wide variety of illnesses in both humans and animals .

In fact, the last known case of Argyria occurred back in the early 1990’s in the case of a woman who was treated with Silver Sulfadiazine therapy to help her with her varicose veins. Despite the occasional hype over colloidal silver, there is no substantiating evidence that it can cause that disease or any other for that matter. Truth be told, there are no known side effects to the use of colloidal silver whatsoever.

Some of the uses of colloidal silver include: Eye wash, to kill bacteria on the eyeball itself, topical astringent, to draw poisons from the skin, mouthwash, which, when left in the mouth for at least six minutes, kills the bacteria and germs that are present. Also, silver can be swallowed to provide daily antibacterial protection within the body. Silver is also efficient in the role of nose drops, ear drops, and can be put on cuts and scrapes without further damage to the skin, or causing pain.

The benefits of using colloidal silver are exceedingly impressive, which makes this product the perfect antibiotic for use on people of all ages, including infants and the elderly. Also, it can be safely given to pets to protect them from the millions of germs that bombard the world every day.

Colloidal silver can be produced in your own home using a tiny electrical device, and does not involve complicated procedures. In most cases, when purchased in a store, the same product that you can make at home yourself, can cost a small fortune and turn out to be less pure. For convenience sake however, some have found the expense is worth it in the long run, with the product paying for itself in long-term health improvements.

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  1. Molecular Silver is even better being a million times smaller than colloidal silver. It will soon be a .com!

  2. Please provide references, not statements. I have yet to see an actual study reference that can be followed which supports silver in any form as an anti-biotic or anti-viral. I’m looking for proof, because I just used a silver preparation in the treatment of parvovirus in my dog. After we lost his sister to the disease and watched her suffer through vet visits, debilitating antibiotics, anti-nausea drugs and constant fluid administration, I decided not to put the smaller pup through the same treatment. Electrically isolated silver, constant hydration (oral when possible, rectal when that became impossible), and recipes from the internet. However, now that he seems to be recovering, I am searching for some proof of silver as an effective and safe antimicrobial to continue using while his immune system is still compromised. You have presented none.

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