Three Fast Ways to Relieve Burns

Just a few ways to relieve burns fast, without buying cream.

There are many ways to relieve burns.

If you got burnt on the hand, maybe from a hot pan or food, then use cold water. Just turn on the sink on the coldest it can be. This works great if you do this right after you got burnt. Just keep your hand under the cold water until your hand gets really cold. Then just dry your hand. IF the pain returns repeat this process, just use colder water this time. DO not use ice on a burn. EVEN if the pain stops never put ice on a burn.

Another way to relieve burns is toothpaste. I don’t have an explanation why it treats burns, but it works. Just put a dab of toothpaste on the burn and let it dry. Again the faster you do this the earlier the pain will stop. If it doesn’t work, put the burnt spot under cold water right away. 

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU PUT BUTTER ON A BURN! This is the worst possible way to relieve a burn. It will get much worse if you do!!!

A final way to get relieve pain for a burn is to take an ibuprofen or acetaminophen, Advil will do.

Remember if your burn doesn’t hurt and is white or leathery consult a doctor immediately. This is though to be a third degree burn!!

Also a second degree burn also needs medical attention. Some signs for a second degree burn is oozing and blisters. 

Burns can get infected, apply an medicine that prevents infection in minor cuts. Some itch creams can also prevent infection in minor cuts, read the uses on the back of the cream.

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  1. Thank you!! These are really helpful. Especially the toothpaste one; i never knew about that before.

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