Traditional Home Remedies

We have traditional home remedies that work very well for many ills that ail us. The ingredients are in our own kitchens and contain no harmful chemicals. They are inexpensive and in some cases they work better than over the counter medications. Of course if you have a serious illness, see your doctor, but for everyday ailments try some of these traditional home remedies.

Teenager spend an exorbitant amount of money on treatments for acme. But do they work any better than the old traditional home remedies? Many people would say no. In parts of Africa they use a facial mask of avocado, egg yolks, and honey for treating acme. Eggs are rich in retinol which helps heal the skin. Honey helps kill bacteria by hydrating them, and avocado moisturizers the skin. It stands to reason this traditional home remedy would help, if not cure acme. But do use the yolks for dry skin. Use the whites only for oily skin. Mash and mix one avocado, egg yolks, (or whites for oily skin) and a tablespoon of honey. Apply to the face and leave it on about 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse with water. Use this treatment about once a week.

To get rid of body odor, a traditional home remedy Italians use is baking soda (and so do Americans) Make a paste of baking soda and water. Rub it directly on the skin under your arms for about 5 minutes. Then rinse or if you cannot shower leave a thin layer of soda directly on the skin. Baking soda acts as a magnet for odors.

For chapped lips try the traditional home remedy used in the Middle East. Combine the juice of half a lemon, and a teaspoon of sugar. Apply to the lips and leave on two minutes. Rinse with water and rub on liquid glycerin to seal in moisture. You will find it at most health stores. Or use Vaseline. Lemon contains vitamin C an exfoliant, and sugar provides a thin barrier, speeding healing.

In Mexico, a traditional home remedy for burns is mashed tomatoes. Apply it directly to minor burns. Cover the area with a bandage to prevent scarring. Tomatoes contain vitamin C,A and phytonutrients, all work to heal wounds. Another traditional home remedy for burns is spreading honey on the burned area. A New Zealand study found honey worked as well or better than antibiotics.

The traditional home remedy in many countries for a sore throat is a vinegar and honey gargle. Mix a tablespoon of vinegar and honey in a hot glass of water and gargle every two hours. Vinegar works as a astringent to clear secretions, restores the ph balance, and discourages the growth of bacteria. Honey works as an anti-inflammatory.

In Russia, a home remedy for nasal congestion is the juice of one clove of garlic, a half teaspoon of honey, and the inside of one aloe vera leaf, all mixed in a bowl. Soak two cotton balls in the bowl and insert one into each nostril for about five minutes. Garlic has powerful antibacterial properties. Honey works as antibacterial and as an astringent. Aloe moisturizes sore nasal passages. Be prepared, garlic can be a little difficult to handle.

Did you know that in World War 11 garlic was used to treat soldiers wounds when they had no antibotics?

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  1. Its amazing how practical these remedies are. Useful information for everyday use. Good write

  2. Fantastic, I try a lot of holistic approaches when I can.
    My son was vey open to them all, my daughter though, sent it air borne right on to my clothes.
    I use goldenseal and elderberry tinctures to keep ones immune system strong………well let me just say goldenseal stains.
    All the remedies you mentioned are out there, but doctors keep them under lock and key.
    Awesome information

  3. These are very helpful I like the alternative style.

  4. thanks Ruby for these excellent tips

  5. Great advice! Home remedies really can work wonders!

  6. Well, I have plenty of garlic. I did not know about any of these home remedies. Thank you.

  7. Interesting! I’d not heard the tomato for sunburn before. Garlic and honey seem to be good for a lot of things.

  8. This is a good share and I do remember once my grandmother talking about these types of home remedies again very good share

  9. another great write full of useful & fascinating info, cheers Pete

  10. Some of these remedies I had not heard of. Thanks for sharing the information.

  11. Home remedies were very common when I was a child but we rarely see anyone use it anymore. I feel that it is often works better than what we are using today. A good write.

  12. Home remedies remind me of the “jungle medicine” we used , though it turns up the nose to the ‘western’ idea of medicine, if it works use it. CVC was’nt always around. Friend, fan, smile

  13. Good home remedy suggestions. You know I had heard that garlic was used in the war, but I did not know if that was fact or myth. I would add olive oil for your cracked feet. Rub it in and cover with socks….talk about some smooth feet.

  14. Interesting article.

  15. I have heard of some of these and as a teen my grandmother tried the one for acne and for me it didn’t work. Good article, Ruby.

  16. Very interesting post! Many parents will benefits from your tips.

  17. These are great home remedies. Thanks for sharing.

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