Treat Burns with Soy Sauce

You can quickly heal a burn with cold soy sauce from your refrigerator.

Using soy sauce to treat minor burns might sound absurd, but it really works. I first heard about this on The People’s Pharmacy a few years ago, and, being a clumsy cook, I’ve used soy sauce several times to treat my burns. Every time I get the same result: the burned area (usually a finger) heals within a few hours and I rarely get a blister.

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The technique for using soy sauce to treat a burn is simple. First, you have to burn yourself. (Please don’t burn yourself on purpose to test the soy sauce treatment.) Next, place the burned area under cold running water for at least two minutes. Grab a bowl of suitable size, and fill it with cold soy sauce, or if you don’t have cold soy sauce, add room temperature soy sauce and a few ice cubes. (Of course, if you have someone else to fill the bowl with soy sauce, that would be ideal.) Completely submerge the burned area in the soy sauce for at least ten minutes. Repeat the process until the pain has subsided and the area has cooled.

No one knows why this works. Some think the high sodium levels of soy sauce does something to the burned area, so be sure you are not using low sodium soy sauce for this home remedy.

As a reminder, if your burn is severe or if pain does not subside within a reasonable amount of time, please see a doctor. While soy sauce is effective, it won’t help sunburns or burns that aren’t minor (i.e. third degree burns).

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