Treating Head Lice At Home

Treating head lice at home doesn’t have to be a drain on the family.

Children every year catch head lice. Head lice can often happen during any school year.

While head lice is annoying, especially to parents, it isn’t fatal. Head lice cases range from mild too extreme. They can treat mild cases of head lice often in one or two treatments of over-the-counter medications. Extreme cases of head lice often entail the shaving of the head or a very short hair cut to help rid the child of the lice.

The fastest way to remove head lice from the hair is to purchase the over-the-counter head lice treatment. These treatments include shampoo and a comb. Purchasing a can or two of the head lice treatment sprays for pillows are also best, mattress, and furniture to help rid your home of lice. Parents should wash any clothing and bedding in hot water with vinegar or bleach to insure they infect the items with the lice and eggs.

To remove the eggs of the head lice from the hair strands effectively, a fluorescent bulb will help with seeing any eggs attached to the hair. A two-foot shop or kitchen light will suffice for this.

The person who is helping in the treatment of the head lice will need to follow the instructions on the over-the-counter head lice medication. Also, if treating more than one child, having two people working the heads of hair would be beneficial. This will make it go faster. Also, treating everyone in the affected household to ensure they knock out the outbreaks of head lice may be wise.

Once the first over-the-counter medications have been done and combed through, rinse the hair in vinegar. This will help in finding any other eggs attached to the hair. The hair will need combed through again to remove the lice nits.

A second treatment of the lice shampoo may need to be used to ensure they remove the lice from the hair and scalp. Often, the children can return to school until all the lice are removed.

Tip: For anyone with a cast, spray around the open areas of the cast with the lice spray to help kill the lice. Wash any slings in hot water and vinegar to remove the lice from it.

Other Home Remedy Treatments for Head Lice

While the over the counter medications are always recommended, you can try the following home remedies in the event you are unable to make a trip to the store.

  1. Olive Oil Home Remedy

    Generously massage olive oil into the hair and scalp. Place a shower cap on the olive oil-covered hair overnight. Wash out the hair in the morning with liquid dawn dish soap. Longer or thick hair may need multiple washes to remove the oil.

  2. Salt Home Remedy

    Add a tablespoon of salt to a bottle of regular shower gel. Generously apply the mixture to the hair; covering completely. Leave the salt and shower gel mixture on the hair for 30 minutes. Wash the hair as normal.

  3. Vinegar

    The vinegar mixture should consist of half water and half vinegar. Massage the mixture into the hair. Cover the hair with a plastic bag or wrap for 40 minutes minimum. The vinegar and water mixture will neutralize the glue lice use to attach the eggs to the hair shafts. This mixture will only remove the eggs and not the lice.

  4. Mayonnaise

    Completely saturate the hair with mayonnaise. Cover the hair with a plastic bag or shower cap for an hour. After an hour has passed, remove the bag and blow dry for 10 minutes. Wash out the mayonnaise out and saturate the hair with vinegar and a plain hair gel. This will allow a fine tooth comb to remove the lice and eggs from the hair and scalp.

Lice also find it hard to live on dirty hair. Clean hair is the best place for lice to live and breed. However, I am not saying ever to wash your hair. Nevertheless, washing the hair less is more when it comes to not getting head lice.

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