What is in Home Care?

A accurate description of In Home care for Seniors in a series on educating oneself about In Home Care, who needs it, where it takes place etc.

What is in home care?

My wife and I run a small in home care agency in the Rocky Mtn. west and we find sometimes people don’t really know what in home care is?

In home care is assistance (care) provided by a trained person to help a person who can’t do all the things they want around the house. It includes things like light housework, cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, doing laundry, preparing meals, driving the client to go grocery shopping or to the pharmacy or even as a companion for playing cards, or even going on vacation. It is as simple as that. Sometimes we will get a phone call from someone who doesn’t know how to go about beginning service for a loved one. It is very simple. Most in home care agencies will do whatever (within reason) the client wants or needs to do. If their fingers aren’t working so well anymore and they can’t prepare meals or folds clothes, a good in home caregiver will do that. If they don’t feel safe driving to the store anymore, the caregiver will do that.

Many states today have licensing requirements in place to make sure that the people offering these services have the proper training and are cleared by background check agencies etc before they are hired by the agency. This insures your protection that the caregiver and agency is reputable. Some states, like Calif. Have no licensing requirements so be sure to get some sort of verification that the agency is reputable. Colorado for instance requires a B license for non-skilled care.

In home care is different than skilled care, facility care or nursing home care. In home care keeps the person at home, in familiar surroundings. Surveys show that in home care is the most preferred kind of care because it allows the person to stay independent at home, where all of us would rather be. After a person has had in-home care for some time it may turn out that the next step is an assisted living facility where they can be assisted 24 hrs a day. But even that can be accommodated at home, even with moderate dementia with 24 hr. IN HOME care by a properly trained caregiver. Even a person who is in hospice care can stay at home with a properly trained caregiver for end of life preparation

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  1. My mother is becoming very old and is in need of some kind of care. I have been considering finding an in-home care service in Charlotte NC. Do you have any suggestions that might help? Thanks.

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