Winter Fatigue

Winter is here. Daylight hours are shorter. Dark comes early. If your energy is flagging, it is most likely winter fatigue.

It’s easy to feel fatigued and loss of energy in the winter months when sun light hours are shorter. To take advantage of the early morning sunlight, lift your bedroom shades the minute you get up. Better yet go out for a 30 minute walk. The sunlight and exercise will give you a boost all day long. To help keep your energy up go outside every chance you get all day. To up your light at work and home; use natural light bulbs- try “Sylvania’s Daylight Extra bulbs.” ( At retailers nationwide.), Or you might try a light-box that uses blue-light technology, for more info try;

Eat plenty of protein to increase your mental alertness and energy. Protein contains tyrosine, an amino acid that elevates the brain chemical dopamine. It also makes your stomach feel fuller so you won’t be as apt to want to eat breads and sweets. Have an egg or high protein cereal for breakfast and a few nuts for your morning snack. A cup of yogurt is good for an afternoon snack to carry you over until dinner.

Do something for somebody to give yourself a lift. Buy a sandwich for a homeless person you pass on the street. Baby sit for a neighbor. Visit a lonely person who would enjoy a chat. Volunteer to help someone in need. To find something that suits you go to;

Brew a white tea. White tea goes through the least processing and requires little sweetening. White tea has the highest concentration of L-theanine, an amino acid that, according to a recent study, stimulates alpha brain waves to boost alertness while producing a calming effect. And a cup of white tea contains less caffeine than other teas. It is also more hydrating.

Take a break from your TV, computer and other technology. You get an adrenaline zap every time you phone rings or an email comes in. Pick up a good book to read or lie down for a nap. Meditate and rest quietly.

Focus on anything that you like, beautiful flowers, the ocean, or mountains. You need some time to tune in and reconnect with yourself. For the best health of all your family try to see that they also have quiet times to meditate and retune.

Do your workouts to maximize your oxygen intake. Lift weights, roll on the exercise ball, climb stairs, and jog. Breathe hard more often. Take a breathing break to breath out all the old air in your lungs and take in fresh oxygen. Inhale from your belly; then breath out slowly, imagine you are pulling your navel toward your spine.

Try self acupressure. Rub the muscle between your thumb and your fore finger from three to five minutes. You should feel a little ache then an overall since of relief and a feeling of peace.

We all get those winter blahs but there are things we can do to feel better. Besides the things I have named above, I love going to the park when the sun is shining and just soaking it in. Also when I go out in the car and return home, I sometimes just sit in the car with a good book that I always keep in the dash. It feels so good sitting in the warm car with the sun shining in to warm me.

Another thing I enjoy is sneaking out on the deck with a quilt and burrowing down warm and cozy in my swing. I know, I know, sometimes we don’t have time to waste. Clothes are waiting to be washed, supper is waiting to be cooked, and dogs are waiting to be walked. But we need to get in the habit of taking those few minutes to rejuvenate ourselves so we can feel like normal human beings and not slaves to routine which can swallow us alive if we let it. Okay enough preaching. I will let all you busy people get on with your live. I wish you many sunny days with good books to read, interesting trails to walk, and warm quilts to snuggle in.

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  1. These are really topical and helpful hints, Ruby. I think you’ve put a lot of thought into them. I especially liked the one about taking a break from the TV/computer to read a good book. This is just up my street.

  2. Some brilliant advice here Ruby. I shall certainly taken a lot of it on board as I always feel down when the days get shorter.


  3. Interesting points and helpful advice. Should apply this—and read a good book…

  4. Great advice. I exercise every morning and I feel great. The sunlight works wonders also.
    Thanks for the tips, Ruby.

  5. Useful hints, Ruby.

  6. Some very useful advice here for those who suffer from SAD.

  7. Very good information Ruby, I do not like the winter time for the reason no sun. I just keep telling myself spring is just around the corner.

  8. Good job, well done, as always.

  9. Great tips. I do most of the things that you mentioned in your article.

  10. Ruby, I wish you were here. It’s all sunny and hot here. Not much of a summer fan thought – do prefer the snuggly warmth of the cooler months.

    Snuggle up with a white tea…yeah, now that’s a li’l luxury.

    Great stuff! j

  11. Those are good tips. I love bread and sweets and I indulge myself very often. I guess that’s not a good thing.But I will blame it on the festive occasions and then I’ll find something else to blame it on once the month is over.

  12. Great advice here, Ruby. The first thing I do everyday is open my binds and let the sun in. Thanks for the infor on white tea. I did not know that one. I will have to try it. You are so correct we all have to take a little time for ourselves. Keep preaching to us, girl.

  13. Thanks guys, I think most of us dread the short days of winter. I know I do. It seems there isn’t enough time to do anything although we still have the same 24 hours. It does got on my nerves.I can’t wait for spring to get here and winter hasn’t started yet.

  14. Good tips, even if I personally don’t feel tired during winter. Nonetheless I think I’ll take your advice and go do a few press ups, just to rejuvinate myself

  15. I got something called SAD one year – some of the tips you mention here helped me out a lot!

  16. great ideas!

  17. The winter here is long and miserable, I have to keep an eye out on SAD..great tips!

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