A Memorable Hospital Trip

The other day I listened to that a friend of mine had came across with an accident. He had been admitted in the local Hospital. I set out to witness him there in the evening.

The hospital was fairly gigantic. There was a large compound wall to surround the hospital. The lofty trees supplied their chilly shadow to the guests. The infrastructure, the pathways and lanes within the compound were very hygienic. I was much daunted with the foremost sight of the hospital.

I set out initially to the Enquiry Office and there I became aware that my friend is in Room 33 on the first floor. A ward boy of the hospital carried me to the room. There I originated my friend slumbering. I inquired the nurse about his state. She informed me that he was safe. This declaration made me disposed to walk off around within the hospital.

On strolling around the hospital, I saw the out-of-doors medical wards, general wards, emergency ward, operation theatre, X-Ray room, etc. The out-of-doors medical wards, both for men and women, were packed with patients. The panorama at the surgical out-of-doors ward was no dissimilar. It was hurting to see the patients moaning under pain in the emergency ward. The patients at the out-of-doors wards get the healing after a good deal of waiting. I experienced that there was a severe scarcity of staff. The doctors could not squander sufficient time on each patient.

The internal general wards offered no healthier depiction. Hundreds of patients rested in beds with dirty bed-linens. Some of them were weeping. It gave me feeling that these poor human beings were not well taken care. The food offered to them was no acceptable and the bathrooms were not hygienic.

The patients of the special rooms acquired better and swift attention. These rooms were destined for wealthy persons. It was a very expensive matter, which an ordinary man could not pay for. For a second I contemplated that how pleasant it would have been if all the patients were taken care of identically.

I departed the hospital with a miscellaneous feeling. It stroke a chord me of our fortune. We have a high regard for great men when they are dead, we cry over the people when they are no more and we care for people in such hospitals when they fall sick. But in any case, death is preordained.

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