Amazing Human Body Facts

The article is about some of the amazing facts of human body.

Human body is one of the greatest creations of GOD. This article tells about the most amazing and weird facts of human body. Every fact is true and amazing.

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1. If you are right handed you will chew your food to right side of your mouth and same is the case with left handed people.

2. Pink is the most exclusive colour showing a 100 % germ free tongue.

3. 10 Million new sperm cells are manufactured everyday in a man’s testicles which is enough to repopulate the whole earth in just 6 months.

4. The largest organ of the human body is skin.

5. Sleeping makes you grow by 8 mm but next morning when you wake up u again get back to same height, this happens because of the cartilage discs are squeezed  against the force of gravity.

6. Each kidney contain 1 million of individual filters. They filter 1.3 liters of blood per minute and 1.4 liters of urine per day.

7. The 90 percent of the all information gathered by human body is only through eyes.

8. A human brain has 100 billion nerve cells.

9. Hyoid bone of your throat is the only joint less bone of the whole body.

10. It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

11. Interaction of 70 muscles is required to produce a human speech.

12. The life of a taste bud located in our tongue is 10 days.

13. A cough comes out of your mouth at a speed of 96.5 km per hour.

14. Strongest muscle of body is tongue.

15. Human thigh bone is stronger than concrete.

16. Babies are born without knee caps.

17. Human skull is made up of 29 different bones.

Those were some of the most amazing facts about HUMAN BODY.

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