Amumu League of Legends Champion Guide and Build

Amumu League OF Legends Champion Guide And Build.

Runes For Junglers


Well I have included the builds of those two, and that’s two junglers compared to the overwhelming majority of junglers that use physical attacks! You’ll just have to take my word for those, but I don’t want anybody getting confused and using MPen Marks for a physical jungler!

Marks -

These are the bread and butter of physical marks. They do an amazing job – and are at least decent on everyone, but not necessarily the best you can get for every single jungler. These don’t give as fast of an initial jungle as AD/AS Reds, but they help more for late game and for ganks!

These make for the fastest jungle possible in 95% of cases. The reason I haven’t used them in most/any of my builds is because ArP runes work for a pretty fast jungle as well as a MUCH better late game and ganks, instead of a couple of seconds faster for the jungle. These work, there’s no doubt about it, but I’d say it’s down to preference.

These also work similar to AS Marks, but only usually work better when your champion has a scaling skill with AD in it, and isn’t as dependent of AS! For the most part, AS marks work better for this purpose, but these aren’t too bad if you have them!

Seals -

These bad boys work on pretty much any jungler ever. Some runes might be better for really particular junglers (health runes might be better for Olaf or Volibear, for example), but these work on anybody really well, might not be optimal for every jungler ever, but these work on anybody really well, might not be optimal for every jungler ever, but they’re amazing!

Work on some junglers, one that pops to mind is Olaf, due to the health scaling on his Vicious Strikes, however, for the most part I’d say that Greater Seal of Resilience were better.

Glyphs -

Give you quite a lot of Magic Resist to make you a little more bulky as you enter a lane or help a little late game too! They aren’t a bad choice at all and are extremely cheap at 200 IP each!

Same as above, but these are better in the late game! It’s all really personal preference if you want the flat or the scaling, since it doesn’t effect your jungle in any way, shape, or form.

Very slightly faster jungling. It isn’t too big of a difference but for a lot of junglers it’s the fastest jungle you’re going to get out of blue runes, so these are worth mentioning. Usually though, other Glyphs are a better choice.

This is what the majority of people will use, however, due to their high price and the fact that they don’t work well for all junglers – especially auto attack based ones or ones that don’t use their abilities that much (for example, Shen, where it’s better to auto attack rather than using Vorpal Blade when it’s rank 1 if the debuff is already up from it) they aren’t the best 100% of the time. Always a good choice though!

These runes ARE viable. Two junglers that spring to mind that GREATLY benefit from these runes are Nasus and Karthus. I’d wager they worked on any jungler with a small mana pool and a bad early jungle – though I’ve not tested it, they might benefit Amumu too!

Quintessences -

Faster jungle (albeit slightly), better ganks, better late game presence, most people have these anyway. These are the bread and butter quints like the ArP marks were there!

For the same reasons listed on the marks here really, these usually result in optimum jungling times, but usually aren’t quite as good as ArP runes when you stack them up when it comes to ganking/team fights.

Same reasons listed on the marks section of this chapter, they help, but usually not as good of a choice as Greater Quintessence of Alacrity when it comes to pure jungling speed! Can definitely be useful on everyone, just not optimum for everyone!

Golden rule = Health quints work on anyone! Usually, there will be a better choice, but if in doubt, use these! They help junglers with low survivability or ones that benefit from high health (for example, Olaf) greatly! Pretty good choice for anybody, but usually not optimal, even on Olaf!

If you want to find out more about the sort of runes you can get or to see the values when stacked up against each other, look here! -
It’s really great for seeing which stat is max where, and how much better X rune is against Y rune!

For all else rune related, check out Searz’s rune guide. It’s awesome for finding out which runes are actually good, and which aren’t. You can find that here -

Wriggle’s Lantern and You

Since Wriggle’s Lantern’s nerf, it’s not nearly as potent as it once was. You can ignore it on most junglers with a lot of sustain a lot easier, since sustain is infinite on a LOT of junglers! Even if it is infinite sustain, though, it’s a great item on a lot of champions, if they need the Lantern specifically for jungle sustain or not, Lee Sin comes to mind.

Wriggle’s Lantern is DESIGNED for jungling (though not to discredit it for top laners or AD carries, Team Solo Mid are notorious for their triple wriggle’s strategy). It’s such a good item, and can be such a good item to improve your jungling prowess in general. It’s best feature is the obvious Madred’s Razors proc, which increases your Dragon control a LOT, but that’s not all – the free ward, extra lifesteal, and even attack and defence, can contribute towards a happy jungle. Though you already knew most of that.

I would recommend getting Wriggle’s Lantern on pretty much ANY off tank or physical carry type champions. For example, I, myself, would get it on Warwick but not Amumu, and get it on Jarvan IV but not Alistar or Gragas (needless to say it’s pointless to build it on a champion like Fiddlesticks too). It’s a great item, but if you’re not doing that much physical damage to begin with, and/or your build isn’t designed around that, then there’s not much point in buying it.

Though Wriggle’s Lantern is an incredibly powerful item, some champions that are extremely good junglers, such as Lee Sin, Udyr, or Riven, don’t need it. They can, instead, get multiple Doran’s Blades and continue just fine (or in Udyr’s case, a Wit’s End) – Saintvicious has been noted for stacking a lot of Doran’s Blades on Lee Sin instead of getting a Wriggle’s Lantern almost every time he plays Lee Sin now, as a quick example. In general, getting early Doran’s Blades is for an awesome early game (and therefore, people who gank extremely hard or need to gank a lot ( Riven springs to mind) can greatly benefit from having both more sustainability in the jungle and greatly improved ganks), or to pick yourself back up from a bad death, and so that you can compete better.

You will pick up when to, and when not to buy Wriggle’s Lantern through experience, but 99.9% of the time, if a Wriggle’s Lantern is good on your champion (IE they aren’t Nunu or Fiddlesticks) then you should get it unless you truly do want an incredible early game.

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