Amumu League of Legends Champion Guide and Build

Amumu League OF Legends Champion Guide And Build.

Playing With/Against a Jungler

The first GOLDEN RULE of playing with a Jungler is to ALWAYS protect them if they’re starting at Blue Buff, or to a lesser extent, anywhere, really, if you have Clairvoyance, use it to try and spot people that are coming for them, this can really mess up junglers such as Shaco with his Jack In The Box. You are extremely vulnerable to ganks if you start here, it’s up to YOU as a team member to prevent your team member from dying. Think of it this way, if you were Morgana and Karthus was about to use his ultimate on a low health team mate, you would every single time use Black Shield, there’s absolutely no reason to let them die if you don’t have to!

It’s also a good idea if you’re mid and with a ranged attack/ability that’s ranged to hit the blue golem for pretty much any champion that isn’t Shaco, I can’t think of another that’s negatively effected by this, this gives your jungler some time without being hit by the golem, essentially, more health, just make sure you only hit it the once (usually from through the wall going to mid) and run away (to mid) so you don’t take any XP, it only takes a few seconds, but the jungler has a lot more health after it – it really helps! The Golem sure does hit you hard when you’re at level 1! However, even though I can only think of Shaco that’s negatively effected by this, I’d recommend always asking your jungler, just say “Want me to pull?”, just in case I forgot any champion that might not want it to be pulled. Refer to the “Leashing/Pulling Creeps” section for more information about this technique.

This section applies to BOTH WITH and AGAINST junglers, if you’re laning, and there’s a jungler on yours, or the enemy team or both, then DO NOT PUSH.


For those of you that might be newer to LoL, you should NEVER auto attack minions all the way down, you should ALWAYS be just getting the last hit in almost all situations, this ensures you get all the money and your minions don’t push.

Why exactly don’t you want your minions to push, I thought that was a good thing?!
Valid point, but you’re not going to push very hard if there’s enemy champion(s) guarding it. You need to kill them first, and you cannot do that if they are near their tower.

If you’re near the enemy tower, you can’t kill them (therefore push), are a HUGE target for the enemy jungler, and your lane can’t be ganked by your jungler.

In short -
If you push, you will get ganked and there’s nothing your jungler can do about it. It’s not their fault they can’t tower dive because you pushed too hard!

Counter Jungling

Counter jungling is the act of screwing around with your opponent’s jungle, to hopefully either get a kill on them, or starve them from XP. Either is awesome. Usually, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. I can’t stress how powerful a good counter jungle is, whatever you do, DO NOT NEGLECT IT. COUNTER JUNGLE WHENEVER YOU GET A CHANCE.

Essentially, you should ward your opponent’s jungle, all around the buff/camp you’re planning to steal, and steal it and leave ONE minion that gives the lowest XP – for example, the little lizard things next to blue and red buff, leave ONE of them. What this does, is slow down the opponent’s jungle GREATLY, they have to go over, and kill the small minion before the respawn timer starts. ALWAYS leave one thing, even for double golems, only kill one golem and you’ve succeeded in some minor counter jungling! I can’t stress enough how powerful just leaving the one lizard is, it annoys me when I let a teammate take a buff in their jungle and they kill the lizards too, but hey, what can you do.

Some are better than others, for example, Nunu can perform extremely early and extremely harmful invasions, which makes him THE best counter jungler in the game. Some champions are better at this than others, but all should make an effort to start a little counter jungling, however minor!

I’d definitely recommend making sure you know where the enemy is before you go to steal their camps though, if that’s what you’re going to do, if not, they will turn up half way through, kill you, and take the buff if you’re not on the ball. This is the reason that Smite is so important, one of the main advantages is that stealing buffs is almost impossible when you can hit yours for 400-700 TRUE damage to finish your buff off, hence, this works especially well against “junglers” that don’t have Smite, teach them a lesson! Don’t counter jungle randomly, you should attempt to learn where junglers will be in their route at the moment.
It takes practice and some good knowledge of enemy jungle routes, but practice makes perfect with counter jungling, keep trying and you’ll nail it!

The golden rule is, in my opinion, if you’ve just completed a full game against another jungler and you didn’t steal one of his camps once, then you NEED to work on your counter jungling!

Champions Notable for Their Counter Jungling -

Nunu – There’s no doubt about it, this guy’s the best counter jungler in the game. He can have boots for swifter entrance/exits to the jungle to start with without it effecting his jungle, can fit in a Ward or something to ward the opponent’s buffs on his way, and his Consume can easily act as a second Smite to steal something.

Shaco – Stealth, free wards, slow, hell, even a way to check stuff in Hallucinate, Shaco is a real god at counter jungling, he can Deceive over walls to their buffs, then either score a kill or take the buff, or both! He can also make it look like his cover is blown by ultimating at low health, taking them down a bit when they kill him, and finishing the job himself! This requires good micromanagement though, and isn’t so easy for new players.

Cho’Gath – This guy is so sustainable it isn’t even funny. After level 6, with Feast, he also has a “double Smite” like Nunu so he can steal buffs or whatever. He can also nom on champions too – securing a kill when they’re low on health!

Riven – She can 1v1 almost anybody at an early point in the game, escape from pretty much anything because she has so many mini- Flashs, and I guess be mobile, which is great for a jungler. Dealing incredible damage for the jungle, being pretty bulky, and being able to chase down and get away from anything is awesome to her kit.

Evelynn – She can simply wait there whilst stealthed and Smite when it’s low enough, or kill them whilst they’re low at a certain buff! She can easily get into their jungle undetected with ease.

Trundle – He has a “leash” with his Pillar of Filth, amazing sustainability with Rabid Bite and his passive, Decompose, makes it relatively risk free, as he has an extremely high amount of health when he’s finished. This, combined with a tanky-dps’ great ability to 1v1 almost any champion makes him great inside the enemy’s jungle – if you get the jump on them it could soon result in a kill for you.

Maokai – Even though you seldom see Maokai junglers, his Sapling Toss is actually really good at checking buffs from far away, it has a great range and he can easily keep the enemy jungler under a lot of pressure if played correctly.

Tryndamere – I bet you’re all wondering what this Barbarian is doing in this section. Well I’ll tell you. After his initial jungle, he kills stuff ridiculously fast, assuming he has the correct runes, meaning he can get the buff down before the enemy knows about it. He can also 1v1 pretty well, again, assuming he has the correct, but he has Mocking Shout and Spinning Slash as an amazing way to make sure they don’t escape his clutches! Funnily enough, Mocking Shout is also AMAZING for counter-counter jungling. If there’s an enemy nearby, you will be able to use this ability. You will know if you are about to attempt a kill/steal your buff/etc, so you can get the jump on them or get the hell out of there before you die.

Xin Zhao – Fast jungle – check, ability to 1v1 almost anybody – check, ability to charge through walls with Audacious Charge if he spots an enemy that he’s warded – check. He’s a great jungler after his buff, and definitely not one to be underestimated.

Help! I’m Being Counter Jungled!

Here’s a little section for those of you who have trouble fighting against a good counter jungler.

The first thing I’d recommend is for you to ward your jungle, then when they’ve almost killed your buff, Smite it and kill them, should be a free kill usually, depending on your health and theirs.

Also, it’s important to note that a good offence is a good defence, if you’re counter jungling them back (a lot easier with champions that are strong at it) then when they return to their jungle their buffs and creeps will be half gone too!

However, I think the most important thing to do is ward your own stuff if you’re really struggling, then if you are REALLY underlevelled, you can get a teammate to help you take them down.

Usually, a gank does solve being underlevelled, but the XP isn’t a guarantee, and you could just have wasted your time going in, and in a worst case scenario even died again. Gank if you think it will be a kill (E.G. they don’t have Flash off CD and are low health, or something like that), but if not, steal some of the enemy jungler’s stuff and ward your own jungle. You learn a LOT more about counter jungling within time, practice makes perfect!

Warding The Jungle

The majority of junglers have a Wriggle’s Lantern in their build, so they do get a free ward every 3m, but that should never be the only ward you buy as a jungler.

You should usually buy at least 5ish in total, if not more!

Why a jungler, I hear you say?
Because a jungler is constantly roaming around the map, occasionally going to lanes too, hence, your team don’t even need to leave the lane and leave themselves open for a gank, you can ward, for example, Dragon, just as you’re about to do it or as you’re going towards bot for a gank. You can also use wards to help stop a counter jungle, or improve yours!

Even if lanes/dragon/baron doesn’t need warding (if you have a roamer or something), I’d STRONGLY advise you to still get a lot of wards and ward the enemies jungle (if they have a jungler) early on, if you can get a good gank in, then you have one more buff than the opposing jungler, they get under levelled, and your team has a general idea of his path. Even if you just ward their Red/Blue buffs every so often, it gives your top/bot an idea of when they will gank, or where and when the enemy jungler is easily gankable/vulnerable.

Here’s a few locations to help you to ward successfully both offensively AND defensively. Hopefully these will give you an edge over the other jungler!

The Blue Buff Ward - Type – Offensive AND Defensive
This can be used to both guard AND attack a blue buff. Obviously, you’d need two wards to do both, but you get the picture. Take note of where the ward is, that’s the best spot for it, since it’s in the brush AND overlooking blue buff – meaning if they take it into the brush, you can still see them. You can place it over the wall if you’re where I am in the picture.

The Red Buff Ward - Type – Offensive AND Defensive
This is similar to the blue buff ward. You overlook the buff whilst still keeping it in the brush, usually, red buff is the most stolen buff, so this is an extremely powerful ward when you’re being counter jungled hard.

The Tri-Brush Ward - Type – Defensive
This one is usually to protect your top lane from ganks, if you’ve just come from their jungle and don’t know what to do with your ward or something, it’s great for giving your top lane a little more freedom.

The All Rounder - Type – Offensive AND Defensive
Does what it says on the tin. You can pin down if they’re going for a gank, whilst also checking where they are in their route, pretty much. You can also make sure nobody steals your Wraiths if it’s in your jungle, whilst preventing counter jungling even in their jungle.

The Wraith Ward(s) - Type – Extremely Offensive
These can be good for pinning down an enemy jungler, I’d recommend the one in the brush, but you can move “The All Rounder” ward a little closer if you’d like for this.

The Dragon Ward - Type – Defensive
To make sure they’re not taking the Dragon. I put it a little further out so you see both Dragon AND around it. Extremely important.

The Baron Ward - Type – Defensive
To make sure they’re not taking Baron. I put it a little further out so you see both Baron AND around it. Extremely important.

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