Amumu League of Legends Champion Guide and Build

Amumu League OF Legends Champion Guide And Build.

Junglers Suited for Summoners Not Level 30/Runeless

I had an issue similar to this when I started LoL, I LOVED jungling, but I just didn’t have the runes/masteries to support a lot of them. I’d like to give a few people some advice on where to start and which champions to start with.

A little tip I’d suggest is to buy Tier 3 Armour Seals as soon as you can, these are Greater Seal of Resilience. Why these runes? They are only half the price of normal runes (for example, 200 IP for the tier 3 ones rather than the 400 IP that you usually see for Seals) and work kind of well on all junglers, and for a lot of them, they’re the best rune you can take. Sure, X rune might be better for Y champion, but they are extremely cheap and work on anyone at least a little well. You’d be surprised how good just a few of these runes can actually do. Believe me, if you want to jungle, there’s just no reason not to invest such a tiny amount of IP for a breezy jungle, and runes that work instead of the usual MP5 runes that go in that slot for champions without mana – without you having to buy anything fancy. These runes actually work extremely well when you’re not in the jungle too, and are an extremely common pick for AD carries, solo top laners, and other champions like that.

A few junglers you can use really easily runeless include -
Warwick (His sustainability is amazing even without runes!)
Udyr I’m pretty sure BOTH Phoenix Stance AND Tiger Stance builds work. I’d recommend Phoenix any time, but ask for a pull on both!
Nunu (His Consume is AMAZING for sustainable jungling, he’s also very stat independent)
Olaf (As long as you don’t try anything heroic you should be good)
Shaco (With a blue buff start you’d be fine, just stack boxes and you’re cool! Might want to start with Cloth Armour rather than boots, though)
Cho’Gath This guy doesn’t need ANYTHING to jungle. He’s incredible when it comes to survivability! Stonewall008 demonstrated a route where he had only 8 masteries (for the XP), no runes, and JUST Cloth Armor, no potions. He managed a route with relative ease, and he didn’t buy potions.
Amumu (With Armour Runes)
Trundle (One of the most sustainable junglers in the game, period.)
Shen (Dat sustain, bro)

For ANY of these though I’d recommend trying them in a custom game first, it’s 10x less embarr***ing to die at blue in a custom than elsewhere! Remember that not all of these will start at blue, but the majority will, try them out first to make sure that your route isn’t too dangerous or anything. You don’t need to kill blue buff first every single time for every single jungler (contrary to popular belief). It might be worth noting that you don’t have to do the route that each guide suggests/recommends. Remember, always try it out in a custom game, but remember, you don’t HAVE to do the route that a guide with runes suggests!

Obviously, there’s a LOT of junglers that work at low levels, I just listed some that I know almost definitely do, some I have even tried myself, naturally, I can’t list every single champion here, and I’m not going to come back to this with every new champion that comes out – but I’ll add the odd one or two.

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