Amumu League of Legends Champion Guide and Build

Amumu League OF Legends Champion Guide And Build.



There is NO jungler than can “Jungle without Smite“, and don’t let anybody tell you different.

I know, I know, junglers like Warwick and Fiddlesticks can kill stuff WITHOUT Smite, but that isn’t the reason.

Advantages of Smite -
+ Securing of buffs/dragon/baron
+ Much harder for you to be counter jungled
+ Faster (in some cases, by a huge amount) jungle times
+ More ganks, due to needing less time in the jungle for XP
+ Ability to counter jungle a LOT easier, you can steal their buffs with Smite
+ You only need a lower level to kill Dragon
+ More/faster gold, for items

So called “Disadvantages” of Smite -
– They know you’re a jungler?
Well, this isn’t really true, it’s kind of obvious that if don’t see a Warwick (for example) in a lane and there’s only one top, that you’re a jungler.
– It’s “useless” late game
I don’t see securing Baron as being useless at ALL, sure, Exhaust might be a slight bit better, but to be honest, the time period you’ll be jungling or using Smite will be a LOT more than not using it.
It’s only one small spell too, it’s not like having to go without an ultimate.

Without Smite, you’re not jungling at all. You’re simply roaming around the map and killing creeps along the way. Smite is THE jungling spell, you’d be a fool not to take it. Without it, you’ll have your creeps, dragon, and baron stolen, will be under-levelled, and can’t properly counter jungle. Take Smite. No exceptions.

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