Amumu League of Legends Champion Guide and Build

Amumu League OF Legends Champion Guide And Build.

The Aggressive Route, With Screenshots! -
Remember, this route is only a basic one that you start your game and hit level 4 with, do NOT follow them strictly after this (a good jungler never follows it strictly), you will want to gank whatever you can and just kill whatever you’re near to be completely honest. In fact, it might be better to never follow them strictly, and gank at level 2, for example. Lots can happen in jungling, like a very powerful counter jungle, but you will learn to adapt, that’s something I, for the most part, can’t teach you. Remember, after you get to the stage where you’ve finished one of these routes, and you have your “ganking ability” (E.G. Shaco’s Deceive) you should prioritise ganking over jungling if a lane is in trouble.

The Aggressive Route

The Blue Golem Route -

The most well known, and usually most effective route, the Blue Buff Route! This route is the most easy to counter jungle from and isn’t very sustainable, creeps are down for a long time once you’ve finished, even since they spawn faster. This is the most well known one, but the one I’d wager you’d be more rune/mastery dependent for.

Start at wolves, kill all of the wolves, then move onto Blue Buff. This is done for faster jungle times without effecting your jungle that much (if at all). Don’t use a pot here until the end, if anything, use it a few seconds before you initiate Blue Buff. Faster speeds is always good.

Nothing special to do here, kill Blue Buff, it’s important to note that you kill the small lizards LAST! Get a leash if possible!

Simple enough, kill Wraiths, focus the big Wraith first!

Go back and kill those darn wolves again! Not much to say here!

Kill Red Buff, by now Smite will be off cooldown too!

Wraiths are back up by this time, kill them again!

Last but not least, we kill the double golems. These will be pretty easy to kill. Kill the big one first, though this image was taken before there was a big golem.

Now, we can either gank, b, or continue jungling a little bit, remember, gank if ANY LANE is struggling, by now, pretty much every jungler has their “gank ability”. Though I’m low in the picture I have Mega Adhesive, for example. More sustainable junglers can easily gank a lane at this point since they will be almost full health, Singed just has no sustain, and was honestly a bad example, but whatever.

The Red Buff Control Route

This route is new to the new jungle! It is suited for junglers that love early game control, aggression, and usually is far better on those without mana. I know I was low in this image, though you should get a pull on red and wraiths, plus, taking screenshots doesn’t let me use abilities at the same time! You should be far higher, especially with a good red pull!

This route is DESIGNED for early pressure in both lanes and the enemy jungle. If you’re just going to do this route ALL THE WAY THROUGH every game then you shouldn’t be doing it. After you get red you can be ganking, counter jungling, etc, due to red’s nature! If you want XP go for the aggressive route!

Some common junglers that can use this route -
Lee Sin, Shyvana, Jarvan IV, Riven among many many more.

Start at Wraiths. Kill the big one first. Might as well do this since otherwise we waste time waiting for red. Get a pull here if you can! Takes no real time and saves a lot of health.

Kill red now. Ignore my bad positioning. It’s really bad. Smite it when it’s low and start chugging your health potions before/starting the fight. Get a pull if you can!

Kill double golems. If you have a pull you’ll have far more health. Kill the big one first.

Kill wraiths again! Remember, if you had a pull you’d have far more health.

Kill the wolves before you move to the golem. Big one first!

Finally take blue buff! Smite it when it’s low on health! Remember, you’ll be far higher with a pull and if you weren’t taking screenshots all the while!

If you got this far, go back to base double buffed. Remember, you’ll be on far more health if you went with a pull and weren’t taking screenshots all the way through!

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