Bad Car Accident

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There was a very bad accident yesterday November 12th in Palatine Illinois in front of Walmart. It was a two car pileup that was caused by intoxicated driver from one car and his failure to stop at the stop sign. There were 26 injuries and 18 deaths. Everybody in both cars were Mexican and after being checked all but 4 were illegal. The 6 alive illegals are planned to be deported by this time next week and not given health care which was judged by the North West Community Hospital. Many people disagree with desicion but some agree as the injuries werent life threatening. 7 attended Palatine highschool and the rest worked for the same Lawn Care Company. There will be a mass burial site created under Walmart in the memore of the 18 dead. The price of the funeral will be paid by the town. I fyou wish to attend the details are found here.

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