Because of Injectable Silicone

Because of Injectable Silicone.

Many of the shortcuts taken by women in order to maintain beauty and youthfulness of skin. Injecting botox, became one of the answers that can help a woman expel wrinkles and beautify the appearance.

However, considering the price is quite expensive, many women try to find another way. In lieu of botox injections, injectable silicone was often the choice.

But you know, there are dangers lurking behind the silicone is injected in human organs. Many leading doctors have warned of side effects of injectable silicone, moreover, if the injectable silicone is not performed by medical professionals.

As quoted by page Daily Mail, was recognized by a physician, of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Malcolm Z Roth, that today many emerging illegal silicone injections, which is being administered by practitioners who do not qualify. Known as ‘pumping parties’, the event was very risky because it uses solvents harmful fats.

“We have heard about this. Some used to inject the face, lips, cheekbones, chin or the breast. Often also used to increase the volume of the buttocks”, said Malcolm told USA Today.

He said that the weak economy has triggered an increase in consumer injectable silicone. They can not afford to pay a heavy price to get botox and finally chose to get silicone injections.

“This is really a fraud white coat. Sometimes the person doing the injection is also claimed that he was a doctor from another country. Ironically, in some cases patients knew it was not a doctor, but, they feel unable to go to a certified plastic surgeon legitimate, they prefer short cuts “.

Dr. Angel Coz, pulmonary care specialist at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit also said the side effects that could endanger human lives. He explained once received a single patient in serious condition after receiving silicone injections in the buttocks.

He said the woman 30 years arrived at the hospital emergency room in a state out of breath and coughing up blood.

Fat solvent which is used to make silicon quickly traveled to his lungs, causing lumps, known as ’silicone embolism syndrome’. Gratefully, she could be saved, after treatment with steroids.

“Remember, do not perform medical procedures in a hotel room or garage. This procedure is illegal”.

Lungs Damaged
There are two types of side effects that may occur due to silicone injections. Damage to the lungs is one of them. Another risk is that it can cause damage to the brain.
Risks that could cause potential death of 20 percent if it attacks the lungs. But, the more dangerous, the risk of death 100 percent if the attack the brain.

Previously, Angel said, there are three cases shown at the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians. One of them, a woman 22 years of the UCLA Medical Center. As a result of silicone injections he received he suffered shortness of breath, which quickly developed into heart failure.

The average patient who died had received injections in the buttocks.

“This is something that is not done by a doctor,” continued Dr. Angel.

“Each patient must be alert and always ripe to consider with any cosmetic procedure they intend to do, especially if not handled by professionals.”

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