Becoming a Good Medical Transcriber

It’s a Profession that isn’t heard of everyday, but it’s a good one if you decide to go into it……

This pretty nice bunch of Professionals still do exist.  From personal experience, the Medical Secretary/Transcriber is highly regarded in her career expertise. You have to decide to be Professional and and organized.   When you are good you save a lot of time for the Doctors and Workers in Healthcare.  It’s one of those jobs that you may not realize is as rewarding as it is until you actually work in it.  With me, it wasn’t intentional and I had not studied Medical Terminology but I made good use of the books and sounds of words that the Doctors transcribed.  It is much more High Tech now than it was some Twenty Years ago as far as equipment (I used a Dictaphone) but the premise is still the same.  

It’s a frustrating job to the person who is not good in spelling many common words, many people are intelligent but do not spell well.   This Speciality does require you to excel in transcribing hard to spell and words that are constantly changing.  The Medical World is fast-changing and Medical terms change with it.  Pneumocystic Pneumonia was a word that I had never heard until I worked for an MRI Center for Neurological which dealt with Patients who had Neurological problems.  Aids Patients were a large part of the Client base since this Condition indeed affects the Neurological System.  The knowledge of words that will be used in Transcribing reports for Neurology is important.

Most Medical Transcribers seemed to have worked for a particular Specialty at a time, such as Neurology, Hematology, Oncology,  and so forth.  It’s good to have knowledge however, of general Medical Words because there will be a generality in the words that cross all Specialties.  Many Conditions will use the word Edema, as a side effect of the condition, or Hypertension and words that will correlate with this condition.

A good thing to do is keep up with Medical Word “Must”  books and books along that line.  Since terms are changing, it is important to have a head start.  Listed below are two links, one giving the general requirements of a Medical Transcriber.  The second is Delmar’s Book for Medical Transcriptions that can teach you terminology and formats if you decide to go into this field.  It is a somewhat unique field. Peace.

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