Benefit and Technique of Intravenous B12 Administration!

The route of b12 shots is suggested according to the patient symptoms as all the three routes differ in their bioavailability and thus efficacy. For slow and steady continuous release, b-12 shots are given through subcutaneous route whereas intramuscular and intravenous route are used for rapid availability of b12 in the circulation, for rapid relief from symptoms.

Technique for some other person injecting b12 shots:

After choosing an appropriate site for b-12 shots, the injecting person should wear gloves on his hands as an initial step to make the procedure germ free. Remove the outer plastic covering of syringe and fill it with b12 from the vial. Short needle of not more than 25 gauge should be used for intravenous route. It is thin and thus helps in keeping the procedure pain free. For b12 shots, fill the syringe with b12 from the vial, remove the cap, invert the syringe, insert it into vial and pull the plunger backwards. When the required amount of b12 is pulled into the syringe, push off any air that is present in it. Now cover the needle with cap so that it is kept germ free till you prepare the skin area for b12 shots administration.


Apply tourniquet proximal to the site if injection. For example if you are going to inject b-12 shots in arm, ask the patient to clench his fist and you apply tourniquet on the upper arm. Blood supply to the limb will stop for a while and the veins will become prominent and you can now administer b12 easily. Clean the injection site with alcohol swab so that a germ free area is ready for giving b12 shots.

The technique for introduction of needle into a vein is very important as you have to be very careful not to inject b12 shots into subcutaneous tissue or muscle. Keep the needle horizontal and parallel to the vein in which you are going to inject. Introduce the needle into the vein very slowly and carefully so that b12 shots procedure remains pain free. Once a vein is punctured, hold the syringe with your left hand and pull the plunger back with your dominant hand to see where exactly the needle is. If blood enters the syringe upon pulling the plunger back you are at the right place whereas if you have entered a muscle, no blood will enter the syringe. Open the tourniquet and ask the patient to open fist before you inject so that blood supply of that area is reestablished. Inject b12 shots slowly by pushing the plunger forward. After injecting all b12, slowly remove the needle by moving it back at the same angle on which it was introduced. As the injection site is punctured and open to bacteria, compress it with an alcohol swab after b12 shots are given. Apply a temporary bandage on the injection site to prevent local infection or sepsis. After b-12 shots are injected successfully, dispose -off the used syringe in a needle cutting disposal box. Complete course of b12 shots should be taken according to the treatment regime.

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  31. B12 helps prevent anencephaly in babies. :) i didnt know that the b12 was intravenous.

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