Best Tips to Stimulate Woman’s Feet to Make Her Reach Big Orgasm

To make women tremble during sex, you need to launch a strategy to stimulate the intimate area. Not to Miss V or breasts, but the area on foot.

It is said that men often do not know that at the feet of women also have sexual stimulation points. Where is the point spread in the calf, foot, or ankle. Similarly, the Legal quote from Mens Fitness, Tuesday (05/04/2010).

To that end, the men should have to explore the area foot in many ways. For example, stroking with the fingers of the hand or with a passionate kiss on the calf pair. Do it gently and not in a hurry. If a couple appear vibrate, then you do it the right way.

Men should explore one point the most of a woman’s sexual stimulation to reach orgasm. When couples can not vibrate with the action you explore her legs, you should not take the opportunity to explore other sensitive areas. If not, the possibility of the couple reaching orgasm can disappear instantly just because you are itching to explore other areas.

When the couple is still too difficult to orgasm with the stimulation of the foot, try to provide stimulus to the Miss V. Because, in this area of ​​the greatest female sexual feelings when stimulated. Touch it gently to give a pleasant sensation and unusual in the pair.

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