Chelation Therapy for The Treatment of Heart Disease

Conventional medicine often falls far short of treating chronic diseases. The wisest and most effective treatments today are coming from the community of integrative medicine.

Mom is now 82.  When she was 79, she nearly died because of conventional medical “wisdom”, from the gold standard of care known as bypass surgery.  I agreed with the doctors’ and Mom’s decision then because I didn’t know any better.  She’d been having weak, shaky episodes and sometimes felt faint, and her blood pressure rocketed, so we finally called her doctor at that time, who promptly sent her to the hospital ER.

At the ER, the staff couldn’t get the blood pressure down, so multiple tests were done and the initial diagnosis was a very large aneurysm.  Because Mom was in a rural hospital, she was taken by ambulance to a bigger hospital in the city and told she’d have to have major surgery.

The staff there finally got the blood pressure down using nitroglycerine and kept testing, and changing their minds as to whether she actually had the aneurysm.  Finally Mom was given a heart catheterization and was told that one artery was 85% blocked and the other artery was 90% blocked.  The cardiologist told us she’d have to undergo heart bypass surgery.

What we didn’t know at the time was that a therapy called chelation therapy is far superior and much safer when treating blockages and other heart issues, like irregular heartbeats and angina.  Ignorance is NOT bliss!  In our ignorance, we agreed to the heart surgery.

During the surgery, Mom died on the table, but God brought her back.  I found out later from pulling her medical records that the nurse had lied to me about Mom not being placed on the bypass machine and her illustrious doctors had cut a vein they shouldn’t have and didn’t even know it for a while, then had to go back and fix the vein before the surgery took place.  Doctors and hospitals are truly dangerous because they think they know what they’re doing, but too often, they don’t!

Ten days after the surgery, she developed a blood clot in her right arm as a result of the surgery.  When I arrived at the hospital, the nurse told me she thought Mom was mostly just scared.  Mom ended up in surgery again to get the clot out, then was placed on Coumadin–a blood thinner which is actually rat poison.

After two months of hospitalization and rehab, Mom finally got to come home, then at a check up with her cardilologist, he informed us that he wanted to do another heart surgery to repair the aneurysm which he’d told us he could fix with only another catheterization!!

We thought about it and prayed about it and cancelled all future appointments with the cardiologist, then turned to an integrative physician.

Integrative doctors are the way to go; the medicine is chiefly holistic with only the amount of phamaceuticals necessary, and we were introduced to a wonderful therapy called chelation.

Chelation therapy essentially involves administering EDTA, which removes heavy metals from the body, softens and liquefies the plaque build up in the arteries, and when this is done, the arterial system becomes clean.  It softens “hard” arteries and drops blood pressure levels.  In Mom’s case, it helps keep the aneursym softened, which makes it less likely to blow.  I learned from our new holistic doctor that Mom would have had only a 50% chance to even survive coming off the table had we agreed to the aneursym surgery.  It’s far more dangerous than even bypass surgery.  The cardiologist had neglected to mention that little detail.

Chelation therapy comes in several forms:  The IV treatments, which take about 2 to 3 hours per session and costs approximately $3,000 (not covered by insurance), pills, of which only 5% is absorbed, and we’ve recently discovered, a creme form, which is 60% absorbable.

We’re now opting for the creme, Keladine, which should be as effective as the IV method, but much more convenient because Mom can use it at home.  I am just so grateful for a sane, safe way to treat Mom’s circulation problems.

Please, before you or any of your loved ones submit to heart surgery, research chelation therapy.  It’s a lifesaver, a Godsend which you’ll never regret.

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  1. Thanks for your story! I’m considering recommending this Keladine creme to my partner who is 80 yrs old and had 2 stents place a couple of years ago after a heart attack.

    Your story nudges me in the direction of yes Try it out..maybe even as a preventative for myself!

  2. It has been a few years since your mother started using the creme. Did it work? We recently heard about it and my husband is thinking of using it, but I want to make sure it is not just another scam. Thank you.

  3. Verona Fernandez december . I am thinking of using Keladine cream for my self i have emphisema.Did it work? Verona

  4. I did a little research on this product and company and it is not very encouraging:.
    1: Biscayne Laboratories is not a registered corporation per my search of the Florida State DIvisions of COrporations Site.
    2. The only Dr. Alex Livshin that couild be found searching the web is a PHD at a Moscow University and he is not a medical doctor. After 45 years there shoudl be something on this guy if he is so great.
    3. The address is literally a Mailbox at a storefront in the Shoppes at Paddock Park shopping center in Ocala Florida at 3101 SW 34th Avenue.
    4. All the testimonials and discussions on the web that can be found and are unverifiable, circumstantial, so they could be not legitimate.

    I think that you should do your own research and come to your own conlusions before laying out hundreds of dollars for this projduct that is being aggressivley sold by the ones who answer the phone.

  5. I don’t know about a Florida address. I have a 32 page add for EDTA Keladine creme with a telephone number 1-888-857-1008 The product sounds like it fixes most everything – a bad sign.
    Their address is listed as:
    Biscayne International
    165 Pleasant Ave.,
    South Portland, ME 04106

    The add says “Proud member of the Better Business Bureau”
    An internet search found the Better Business Bureau giving them a rating of F. That is a very bad sign.

  6. I stumbled upon this website as I was doing my own research on EDTA Keladine Creme. In addition to your info on the dubious existence of Dr. Alex Livshin, I found the following about the other 3 doctors whose names were in the booklet:

    Dr. Ray Pearson – 2 phone numbers, home and business, not in service
    870-741-7300, 870-204-6960 Harrison, AR

    Dr. Joseph Mannella – phone number is for a chiropractic office: “He left here about 2008. I never met him. I have no idea how you can reach him. He’s off somewhere doing his neck(unintelligible) thing.”
    586-727-7557 Richmond MI

    Dr. Judyth Shamosh, Herbalist. I actually reached her by phone; she said, “I know nothing about this product. I’ve never seen it. They’re using my name without my permission. I’m going to have to get a lawyer.”

    Frankly, I’m disappointed; it looks like a good product. Now I wonder if it even exists.

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