Do You Fit in Wearing Contact Lenses?

The use of contact lenses should not be arbitrary to prevent complications. Because of that, it is good to know what kind of person who is suitable and not suitable using contact lenses.

Use of contact lenses can lead to improper eye infections, allergic reactions, changes in corneal shape and structure as well as abnormal blood vessels growing on the cornea.

Soft contact lens or lenses today are not only used to help eyesight, but also for fashion. Yet certain people cannot or do not fit in wearing contact lens.

If you want to use contact lenses, you should have to consult your eye doctor first, because the doctor will tell whether you are suitable to use contact lenses or not and choose which type of contact lens suitable to you.

A pair of contact lenses, positioned with the concave side facing upward. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A pair of contact lenses, positioned with the concave side facing upward. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You fit wearing contact lenses if:
1. You can maintain good hygiene, thereby reducing the risk of eye infection. Before using the contact lenses make sure hands are washed to remove bacteria that is in the hands so as not to cause irritation or infection in the eye.

2. Your patient is required, this is because contact lenses may require special attention such as regular cleaning with a special liquid, kept in the right and take it off when going to sleep.

3. Your patience in this time of adjustment is required, since in first early days using contact lenses, usually the discomfort will occur. The long duration of this adjustment depends on the type of contact lens.

4. Your tear production is high so it does not make the eyes dry which can lead to complications.

English: 0 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In addition during the use of contact lens users are advised to conduct regular checks every 6 months, and if it appears the complaint you should immediately consult a doctor.

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  1. yes, we should immediately consult a doctor first, before using this contact lens, good share!

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  5. I wore contact lens for a while but it didn’t work well for me. I changed back wearing glasses.

  6. I wore contact lens & it was great. However, once my boy (how was only a baby) started stabbing his fingers into my eye (making my lens to fall) I moved back to glasses, and I stayed with them till today.

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