Doctors are Advised Not to Give Kids Adult Sized Radiation for Ct Scans Etc..

The U.S. government does not want doctors to give children getting medical procedures hat involve radiation an adult sized amount of radiation. Find out here why.

The main reason doctors have to watch how much radiation they give kids when they give them things such as MRIs, CAT scans, and X-Rays because it can lead to cancer when the child grows up into an adult.

On Wednesday, May 9, 2012, the FDA want manufacturers to design new machines that won’t give children as much radiation. The FDA also wants advice put on the makers websites giving parents advice on questions they should ask before they let their kids get a radiation test.

FDA physician Thalia Mills told the Associated Press, “We are trying to ensure that patients get the right dose  at the right time, and the right exam.

CT scans are being used more and more and are needed. It gives the patient more radiation than regular X-Rays, but doctors see more, so they can be lifesaving. Since it can be life saving, so if you really need one so it can possibly save your life, like if your doctor suspects a brain tumor, don’t worry about the radiation as it is necessary ill.

But if you really don’t need the CT scan don’t get it, especially if you are a child. A lot of time the test doesn’t need to be done and a non-radiation test could have been given instead. These tests are being done more and more each day.

A study says that after a child an age turns 18 that child will have eight procedures involving radiation.

If you could call it good news getting a medical tests., kids who go to a children’s hospitals get less radiation because they have smaller machines, almost all radiation tests at regular hospitals who have no idea on how to ration out radiation on an x-ray machine on children.

Right now hospitals aren’t going to have to change machines they already own. But they would be changed would eventually be changed to the new rules. Before this can happen there is a four month public input from the public.

Doctors do not keep track of the amount of radiation their patients receive from the tests they administered, Each scan they give has a different of radiation because it depends upon. On average the CT scan to the head is equal to around more than 100 dental xrays and it is even more for CT scans of the abdomen.

Some advice t parents of children is that researchers have no specific amount of. Compile a list of your children’s scan and produce it the next time your pediatrician, especially if your child is chronically ill and needs a lot of xrays.

Dr. Marta HernanzSchulman of Vanderbilt University, who chairs the American College of Radiology’s  says doctors could still diagnose problems with less radiation. 

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  1. useful share

  2. Children naturally require less radiation than adults because they have a lower body density and size, large amounts of radiation can also prove immediately damaging as they can cause burns to the body.

  3. Children certainly need much less medication or other treatments and quality is better over quantity anytime.

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