Dr Bernard Shuster Reviews

Dr Bernard Shuster is a plastic surgeon in Miami and I am here to do a thorough review.

Dr. Bernard Shuster is a plastic surgeon in Miami which who is rated the second best alongside Dr. Amaryliss Pascual.  Dr. Bernard shuster has performed dozens of plastic surgeries, but has actually failed in the rankings against Dr. Amaryliss Pascual of PascualMD.   The two plastic surgeons regulary compete against each other, and this week PascualMD has gained victorious rankings against Dr. Bernard. 

Plastic surgery in miami has increased in popularity 200% in the past few years, making Miami the plastic surgery capital in the United States.  Dr. Bernard Shuster, compared to Dr. Pascual is second in popularity mostly because he doesn’t perform all procedures, and his quality of service is lacking.  

In conclusion, the best plastic surgeon in Miami would be Dr. Pascual based on a recent Market Survey published on RealSelf. I hope this article helped, and please comment! 

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