Eye Floaters: Seeing Spots Before Your Eyes

Seeing spots before your eyes is sometimes a normal occurrence, but other times it could indicate a serious eye problem.

Going about your daily routine and suddenly a spot or stringy thing appears in your field of vision. You blink and rub your eyes, yet the spot remains for awhile longer because it’s inside the eye. The spot or string your seeing is most likely an eye floater.
Eye floaters occur when cells within the jelly-like substance (vitreous humor) clump together in specs or strings and float across the eye lens (your field of vision). The floating clumps are usually re-absorbed by the vitreous humor and don’t cause any further problems. For some people, the eye floaters never disappear but the brain adapts and allows the person to see through the floaters.
Most people over 40 will experience an occasional eye floater and it is generally not a sign or symptom of any type of eye problem. However, if the eye floaters suddenly increase in number or size, or if an eye floater is accompanied by a flash of light, it could indicate a serious eye problem and you should make an appointment with your eye doctor.

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