Five Months Ago Blinded by The Bull Toreador Returned to The Arena

Spanish toreador Juan Jose Padilla, who had lost his eye in a fight with a bull, returned on Sunday.

J. J. Padillos kovą 1854 m. statytoje arenoje stebėjo apie 5 tūkst, 400 žmonių.

Last year, on 8 October. Spectators screamed in horror when the bull matador horn hit the lower jaw and broke out of its socket left eyeball. Face poured blood, J. J. Padilla stood up shouting: “I do not see, I do not see anything!”

Now, 38 years. toreador wears a bandage on the eye, and the language švepluodamas. But after a terrible injury after only five months, he again joined the fight against bulls weighing 500 kg, equipped with cape and sword.

The annual bullfighting festival Olivenza star says he returns to the ring led by a desire to “win, triumph, to become a better husband.”

His March 1854. built in the arena watched about five thousand, 400 people.

J. J. Padilla was wearing a gold-embroidered green suit, according to his tailor, which means hope.

Matador crowd greeted with loud shouts and applause.

Having lost one eye, J. J. Padilla lost stereoscopic vision of the opportunity that allows people to determine exactly how far away from the object and the speed is approaching. But this did not prevent him nusmeigti the first and the second bull of bulls dedicated to my father. Tears gushed happy father embraced his son.

“He looks ahead and starts a new phase of my life,” – said Mr J. Dropwort manager Diego Robles.

Victorious, J. J. Dropwort town celebrated the return of the entire night.

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