Getting Blood Clots at a Young Age (What Happened to Me)

What you need to know? This happened to me.

Older people get blood clots. A piece of the heart brakes off and goes to the head, chest, or arm. I am 31 years old. I slipped and fell on wet stairs. When I fell on my but it was on the left side. I had back pain and the pain traveled down my leg. I was in so much pain. I had X-rays done. The doctors told me they showed nothing broken.

Time past the pain grow stronger. I had so much pressure in my left calf. I didn’t understand where it was coming from. I was use to walking a long distance and fast. The pressure was awfully painful. The doctors told me I had sciatica. I was put on pain pills.

More time past my toes was changing color. I went back to the hospital and freaked out after the second doctor come in because I was only there to pick up X-rays from before. The lady I was working for and living with was waiting for me and did not know I had registered myself in to the ER. She had to run up the road to her doctors to pick up something she had forgotten.

The nurse came in and wanted to see my feet as I heard this lady calling my name. She was the one with me when the doctor told me I had to have surgery that night. They had someone come in and test my pulse in my toes, foot, and calf. I had no pulse in my big toe and I only had 60% in my left foot. I could have lost my toes or my foot or my life.

A couple days later they did a CT scan and found I had broken the main artery leading to my left leg. I had to have another sugary five days after the first one. I was in the hospital a total of ten days and two sugary to fix me. I was on Warf in that is a blood thinner for six months.

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  1. Were you placed on medicine to control your clotting? Interesting report. thanks for sharing

  2. When you are put on blood thinners it helps to stop clotting.

  3. Thank you for the interesting article. :)

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