Good Health is a Gift of God

Health is a great gift of GOD we must have to care about our health.

Yes this is true that health is a gift of GOD and we must have to care about a lot . But many of us don,t care a lot about our health and we are loosing our power and health day by day doing such bad things with our body parts by unknowing what will happen to us in next few years ..

For example many of us smoking a lot even in a day one pack must at least so you cannot imagine how much nicotine we inhale in our body and by this how much we do wrong with our lungs while having such big amount of nicotine in our lungs …

Eevn girls smoke a lot now a days and it,s trend near to them ……

We also do lot of work in our daily life for earning but when we earn a lot than we get realize that we lost our health and than even with money we cannot buy our health

so the topic is all about today we should have to care about our health and also have some exercises and good sleep as well as good food too !

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  1. Nice Share.


  2. Nice post. The pictures really help. I agree that we should be actively looking after our health when we can.

  3. Well said.. Good health means good life.

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  5. Very Insightful Stuff

  6. Great Post…..

    thanks for share.

  7. True, it is a gift, the best gift we can think of.

  8. Good heatlh is priceless.

  9. $- nice post-$

  10. Very nice article.

  11. Yes, we need to take a good care of our health – it’s a base of our productive life.

  12. Good health is a gift of God

    On your article he applauds

    To your presentation says he nice

    My dear friend open your eyes

  13. I don’t believe in god, but nice post.

  14. We always abuse our gifts!

  15. Good.

  16. indeed health comes from God. And life is a gift from God

  17. Nice share.

  18. Its true we all take our health for granted until we lose it! LB

  19. Nice Share.

  20. Well written and very interesting.

  21. I agree with you, my friend.

  22. very nice share

  23. Interesting article except God did not give me my good health. I have it on my own accord.

    If someone who smoked all their life suddenly has a heart attack and dies, did God take away his gift of good health? If God loves us all equally then why don\’t we all have good health regardless of what we do to our bodies?

    I\’m sorry, but Good Health is not a Gift from God.

  24. nice

  25. Health is so important and its only when you loose it that you tend to appreciate it. As for being gift from God, would have to disagree being an atheist. It always amazes me how God is credited with the good positive stuff but never responsible for the negative. But thats enough of my rant . Good read !!

  26. i read it once more …
    nice again…

  27. great one thanks!

  28. Well said

  29. good post!

  30. Nice post.

  31. Yes, you’re right. It’s a gift of God, we should take care of it.

  32. Very thought producing!

  33. Nice shairing bro

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