Hair Model Can Cause Health Problems

To eye disorders ranging from disorders of the cervical spine.

Side ponytail hairstyle is becoming a trend not only among teenagers, but also in adults, men and women.

Many celebrities are using bangs hairstyle which later inspired many to follow. Call it Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Cameron Diaz.

But, a leading ophthalmologist warned that this hairstyle can cause long-term eye damage. “Poni side will cover one eye and causing eye can not see much detail. And, if things are going from a young age, eye condition can turn into amblyotic,” said Andrew Hogan, reports the Daily Telegraph Australia.

Amblyopia or better known as ‘lazy eye’ is a condition where the eye can not see more clearly with one eye, so the outlook depends on the other eye.

This often occurs in the developing child’s vision. If one eye is always blocked when their children are in a growth stage, then their eyes would grow not optimal.

Hogan believes that bangs sideways eye can be a barrier that would cause this condition, as well as shorten the distance eye.

“If you walk with hair covering one eye every day, these eyes have a worse visual skills than the other eye,” he said.

He added that the visual development occurs between birth until the age of seven years, but research shows that the look can affect an older age.

However, this theory has not been clearly proven. According to amblyopia specialist Dr. Leonard Press, “the condition will only occur if you have very young children and close one eye for 24 hours in 7 days.”

He also added that one’s view has been developed very well after the age of seven years, so close one eye with her hair would not impact on the visual system.

So, calm down! You will not get vision problems simply because of a growing trend of hairdressing today. But, maybe you’ll be less likely to suffer neck pain because your body will unconsciously leaning more towards your bangs.

“I have seen many hairstyles, but maybe just this hairstyle that impact on health,” said Australia’s leading hairdresser Roseanne Anderson.

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