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Why so expensive?

Greed is extremely general. You need to know what the actual cause is. Who is greedy? Healthcare companies? Politicians who help to write pass the bills that are friends with people in the healthcare companies? Hospital CEOs? Insurance CEOs? The average person? The truth is, we are all greedy. We all want. We all want more and that is perfectly fine. We all want as much as we can get for ourselves and family. And that is perfectly fine. We all want to create as much wealth for ourselves as we possibly can, so we can do whatever we please with that wealth. That is perfectly fine.

What is not fine is trespassing against someone else’s life, liberty or property to get that wealth. 

We all need to wake up to this one simple fact:
Only government can trespass against our life, liberty and property (publicly and out in the open). Only government can take these things away from us using force (publicly and out in the open). So, save yourself some time and look at the ways government has done this. 

It is government that has distorted the healthcare market. It is government that allows corporations to have advantages that small businesses do not have. It is government that has forced this healthcare system upon us. If you stop and think about it, that is the only option that makes any sense. Only government could force people to pay for “managed” healthcare. No corporation could every force people to buy their product. So, instead, they use government to force people to buy their product. This is fascism. When governments and corporations work together to take advantage of the people.

Take that knife and move it away from these big insurance companies, and put the knife where it belongs. Right at the heart of government. Our government forced HMO’s on everybody when they passed the HMO act in the 70’s. What was the result? Tons of people were suddenly buying products they didn’t necessarily want. Tons of money went into the health industry. Money that the free market would never have put into that industry. With all that money came more government regulation of this huge industry. Since everyone had to buy health insurance, they started using it for their regular doctor visits. Along with that, you have government using more resources and putting it into medicaid and medicare, which got even more people into using HMO style healthcare. All this usage drives the price up and up and up. Was the free market to blame? Of course not, it would have never put all those resources into HMO style healthcare. 

Are the insurance companies and healthcare companies benefiting? Of course. And I’m sure, many lobbied and helped and still help come up with all the regulations that are passed and forced upon us. Do alot of these regulations help to keep their competitors at a disadvantage, I’m sure they do.

Is the answer to get rid of the insurance companies and healthcare companies? No. New companies will come in to take advantage of the people using the help of the government, or, the government will simply takeover the industry altogether and nationalize it.

the solution is to get rid of the government that allowed this to happen. If you don’t have the backbone to to that, you have to at least get rid of the regulations and repeal all these acts that ruined healthcare, like the HMO act.

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