Health Problems Caused by Computer

Back pain, neck or eye diseases are common problems caused by excessive computer use.

Back pain

Back pain can be caused by incorrect type of chair you sit all day at work or home. Also, back pain is caused by poor sitting position. It is advisable to keep as straight, without putting feet of each other.

When buying an office chair is recommended to choose the most ergonomic and having a height adjustment mechanism. It is also advisable to not buy chairs that have handles.

Sore throat

Neck pain can occur when using the keyboard and shake your head up, down, left or right. The pain can be caused by wrong eyeglasses or height at which the monitor sits.

To avoid this pain is advisable to go to an ophthalmological control and use of protective eyeglasses or right. It is important to adjust the height of the monitor, which must be parallel to the eye, or too high nor too low.

Sore wrists and fingers

Sore wrists and fingers are caused by seat is adjusted properly and monitor office. Also, and how you use the keyboard or mouse can lead to pain.

To correct this problem, you should adjust the seat height, which should form the letter L from shoulder, elbow and wrist. In this way your fingers will be horizontal with the keyboard and mouse. And the mouse should have a correct position, to be placed in front of the shoulder, close to the body.

Eye Problems

Eye problems are extremely common among those who spend long hours at the computer. Prolonged computer use can lead to glaucoma, especially in people already suffering from other eye diseases.

Bright eyes dramatically affect the monitor. To avoid complications, indicated that every 10 to 15 minutes to take our eyes off the computer and close them for a few seconds.

You can also use shields or goggles that use them every time you sit at your computer. Is indicated and adjust the contrast and brightness of the monitor and make sure the distance between you and the monitor to be large enough.

Bad position of the body 

Bad position of the body is another problem caused by the computer. When you sit at your computer must have a relaxed position, back to be right, but not tense. The monitor should be placed in front of you, not above or below and no one else.

Incorrect position of the computer may cause many back pain, neck, shoulders or head.


Stress is another problem caused by prolonged computer use. It may often face technical problems such as loose or block Internet connection. In these situations, delays in work done on the computer lead to frustration and stress.

Stress is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and cancer. It is therefore advisable to minimize the stress associated with computer use. If something does not work, call in experts to remedy the problem.

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