Hippocratic Oath…any takers???

Doctors…are you comfortable consulting them now a days????

I don’t know if there is a similar kind of oath (as above) for all our new engineers. If not, all the better. At least, it won’t weigh heavily on their consciences (if at all).  Just the other day, Chetan Bhagat’s  latest, “Revoluion 2020” found me (yep, it wasn’t the other way around. ). I envy his fan following if not his writing. Anyways, I think 30’s is a little too old for his kind of literature.  Nevertheless, there are sparks and sometimes extended flashes of the IIM genius in some pages of his books. Some times, he can be downright funny or rudely to the point.  (I particularly enjoy criticizing the successful authors :) ). For my non Indian friends, Chetan Bhagat is India’s Justin Beiber (gosh!! that’s gross …but couldn’t come up with a comparison in the field of literature)

Ok…so this latest book of his mentions something about the coaching centres in Banaras(Varanasi) for preparing the students to crack the Entrance Tests for admission into the coveted IIT’s (Indian Institutes of Technology).  This set my hyper active thought process into an overdrive (deadly combo). It so happens that these snobbish coaching centres have their own entrance examinations for deciding whom to coach… he he he …what a joke. No seriously, our education system is turning into a real fat joke.

I am not so much bothered about our engineers, as I am about our doctors.  Whatever anyone else says, I believe that this is (or was) one noble profession. Today, a Doctor is more a businessman than a professional.  Parents, who invest huge amounts of their energy and money in first preparing their wards to get into one of those high end institutions and then pushing them hard enough to be churned out of them successfully, with an MBBS or an Engg degree, are more than anything else, Investors. They look at the ROI (return on investment). I don’t deny that a small fraction of their efforts is due to their wish to see their children doing well.  So how does one blame a young man, who has been driven by the nose from early childhood through insane pressures to perform and become a doctor or an engineer or an MBA (not the ordinary ones, mind ye! only IIMs will do!), if he wants to break even (in terms of his effort and his parents’ money) in the least possible time?

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  1. good

  2. very good observation

  3. A fascinating view on things.

  4. In my country, NZ, doctors range in ability and motivation, but most are still professional and caring.

  5. Short answer: Noooo, I do not trust doctors these days. Indeed they are businessmen first in many cases. In their defense, they are so afraid of getting sued they often make decisions on the safe and expensive side. My doctor is a great guy, but I’d rather opt for more homeopathic options.

  6. I envy Chetan Bhagat’s fan following. I have not read the latest book but I’m looking forward to watch Two States, (I enjoyed reading) I agree 30’s is little awkward time to read this kind of literature. By the way did you watch Bhagat on Love to Hate on Star World?

    I’m not sure if coaching centers in Kathmandu conduct entrance exams but the private schools interviews not only the students but also parents. For the student to get admission in a school, parents must pass the interview.

    India and Nepal are quite similar with their stupidity. Case of doctors is also similar here.

  7. A nice piece here Indianwriting!

  8. well written! Like the concepts

  9. accepted

  10. great, thanks for share

  11. well written thanks for this write up

  12. interesting viewpoint.

  13. Finding good doctors is really a hit and miss. Unfortunately you don’t really know unless you’ve been on a few office visits whether they are competant or compassionate or passionate about their work. Good article.

  14. I am an example of bad doctors.

  15. i don’t believe doctors, hehehe, great share^^

  16. Very good article. Honest yet sensible. I admire you for this.

  17. Good work.

  18. about the employment areas the educatees to cleft the trance mental testings for entrance money into the in demand IITs This jell my plug busy opinion noesis into an high It so take places that these clubby work buildings have their possess enchant investigations for decision making to coach-and-four he he he …what a laugh. No in earnest, our educational activity organization is motion into a veridical rounded recreation.

  19. It’s a shame that our world is built on the principle that money is more important than health. Once we let the insurance companies set a dollar amount to human life it was all down hill from there.

  20. niceee

  21. here in the Philippines..It is a debate and controversy whether generic drugs has the same equal effects to that of branded drugs…many doctors would agree that the more expensive type of drug such as those branded drugs has better effects and results to the body than those generic drugs…The only reason why they are telling and promoting the use of more expensive drug is that they own a larger share from the drug companies whenever they said the advantages….thanks for sharing…

  22. very nice thanks

  23. School, then University, onto medical school, then maybe you get to be a real doctor… cheers

  24. Great Observation. I don’t how you take out time to read such piece of writing. :-)

  25. Nice read

  26. This sure is eye opening stuff. And where can I find me a doctor like that lovely old one of yours?

  27. It’s the same all over the world. You know many of these parents like to boast too. There are good doctors around but some of them treat it as just a job, not a calling.

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