Hospice Care

What exactly is Hospice Care- and what is the Goal?

When  a loved one is terminally ill this presents a challenge not only for the patient but also the family, the caregivers are faced with ensuring that the love one is cared for in the best way possible, and so many have turned to Hospice Care.

So What is Hospice Care- It is defined as a care and attention to the emotional, spiritual, social and financial need s of the terminally ill ones.The Goal of Hospice Care is to assist the patient to enjoy a dignified and meaningful life in the company of their loved ones as long as possible while controlling pain. It is also comforting to the family to know that their loved one is well taken care of and in so doing they are also comforted.

To note while Hospice cannot cure terminal illnesses, it addresses curable complications such as pneumonia or bladder infections.

This care is available in many countries across the world. While in some countries hospice care is given at a health care centre, there are in other places where family members are able to provide care at  home.

Under the hospice home care program the caregiver often have at their disposal a support team which may include a doctor, nurse, aides and social worker. With the help of these qualified teams the caregiver is equipped and educated on how to keep the patient comfortable.

Having these professionals at hand is a vital part of Hospice, why? these trained men and women can supervise medications and ensure that loved ones are pain free.

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