How to Choose an Experienced Plastic Surgeon for Fat Grafting

Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon for the process of fat grafting is of great importance. Online research can be made for choosing the best one.

Fat grafting or fat transfer is a minimally invasive procedure that has proven to be effective in adding volume to body parts that need plumping up. Lipo fat transfer should be provided by a plastic surgeon experienced in offering the same from a reputable plastic surgery center. There is definitely a growth in the number of fat grafting treatments being performed every year. Unfortunately, due to the rising popularity of the procedure, various unprofessional clinics are coming up as well. Aggressive marketing techniques are being introduced by them for enticing the customers. Owing to this, finding a trusted, experienced and qualified plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon for performing the procedure is essential.

Given below are some tips that will help in choosing an experienced surgeon for fat grafting procedure:

  • The credentials of the practitioner or cosmetic surgeon should be checked

Always go for a surgeon who is board certified and works from a reputable AAAASF accredited plastic surgery center. He should be listed on the specialist register of the General Medical Council of Plastic Surgery. One must not hesitate to ask him for his credentials.

  • Always choose a cosmetic surgeon who is specialized in providing fat grafting procedure

The procedure of fat grafting is to be done with great attention to detail and a surgeon with superior skills is required. He should be experienced in the removal of fat through liposuction as well as skilled in the re-injection of fat into the areas that need more volume. Fat injections are used typically for smoothening wrinkles as well as giving more volume to sunken areas of the face. Fat grafting is effective in enhancing the breasts and buttocks for a more appealing figure. A surgeon having a thorough knowledge of human anatomy is preferable.

  • Always make sure that the practitioner is consulted

In some clinics, the patient is first seen by an ‘advisor’ or a ‘counselor’. Generic advice is given to patients. When consultation is being scheduled at the clinic, ensure that the actual surgeon who will perform the operation is consulted.

  • A comfort level should be maintained with the doctor or the surgeon

A patient should always ensure that he is relaxed and a good rapport is built with the surgeon. Plenty of questions should be asked and the surgeon should be able to resolve all the queries before the consultation is over.

  • Before and after photographs should be seen

Previous patients can be contacted for testimonials. Before and after photos of patients who have undergone fat grafting can also be requested.  This will give some insight into the ability of the surgeon.

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