How to Get Rid of That Cough That Won’t Go Away

Ever have a cough that won’t seem to go away? Did you know a cough is the number one reason people go to the doctor in winter. (unless you’re me as I once got bronchitis in August!=)

Sometimes when you cough long amount of time at once, that could be a symptom of asthma. A lot more women are getting asthma these days.  Doctors at Lahey Clinic in Boston say doctors think it is that women are exposed to more cigarette smoke and hairspray that is aerosol.  You can make an opening in the airways which will stop coughing by a lot if you ask your doctor before you take 750mg of pycnogenol. YOu ask what is pycnogenol? It is an extract of pine bark and its an anti-inflammatory says author Fred Pescatore M.D.of the Allergy and Asthma cure. If you don’t get better within three months consult with a allergist.

If you have a parched sounding cough you can get rid of it within 30 minutes by having a cup of sage tea. If your cough comes from  an irritation in the throat that leads to coughing , you can put a heaping teaspoon of buckwheat honey into your cup of sage tea and it should be gone for two or more hours long.

If you have a cough that sounds arid, a good way to get rid of it in 30 minutes is to drink a mug of sage tea.

and if your cough results from an irritation in your throat you can have a mug of sage tea and use the addition to a  big overfilled teaspoon of buckwheat honey and the cough will go away up to 2 hours or longer.

A lot of coughs, 37%,  that occur during the winter are the result of sinuses that are inflammed or acquired an infection says Mayo Clinic research. You can have your infection or inflammation healed within 48 hours if you want you can get pine essential oil. Pine essential oil is an antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory, according to Mark Stengler N.D. author of The Natural  Physicians Healing Therapies. How exactly do you smell pine essnetial oil? Use two cups hot water, make sure it isn’t boiling, and add three drops of pine essential oil. For 10 minute one time a day place a towel over your head and water while you are tilted over the pot.

I know what I say next is going to sound weird, but really it isn’t when you find out the reason I say it. Lucky you who have a cough all night, that was the weird part, the good part is it gives you an excuse to have 1 ounce of dark chocolate before bed every night. See isn’t that great? How often do we get the permission from doctors to eat chocolate!=) THe dark chocolate has something in it that naturally stops coughs-theobromine according to scientists.

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