How to Make a Bloody Nose Stop

Well I have very sensitive skin in my nose. So especially in the winter I get a lot of bloody noses (like 1-2 times a week), so I figured it’d tell you all my secrets, to make the bleeding stop as fast as possible.

 How to make a bloody nose stop

Well I have very sensitive skin in my nose. So especially in the winter I get a lot of bloody noses (like 1-2 times a week), so I figured it’d tell you all my secrets, to make the bleeding stop as fast as possible.

1. A heavy bloody nose
2. A light nose bleed
3. Helpful tips

When you have a heavy nose bleed it can be very annoying to stop. The first thing you should do is get a tissue or any other paper towel and hold your nose closed with it. Then wait 5min or so. If you can feel the blood store up in your nose and flow over (when it stores up so high that it goes down the back of your throat), it is time to go over the toilet and let the blood out. If after 5min it stores up all the way again than you should go to the hospital as this is not normal. When the Bleeding slows down a bit, it is time to either use the method of a light nose bleed (down below) or just continue what you have been doing with the paper towel. I suggest reading step 2 and following those instructions once the bleeding has calmed down a bit. The bleeding will always slow down at some point, as your blood automatically forms plots over the ripped up part in your nose (or any other skin/flesh wound). 

2. A light nose bleed is some times annoying, but can easily be eliminated without anyone knowing you ever had a bloody nose (in class for example). What you do is just breath in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Take 3 short quick breaths through your nose, then exhale out through your mouth. Don’t make the breaths too forceful, you don’t want to pull up all the snot so it ends up going down your throat. If this technique does not work and you still have blood pouring out of your nose after the 3 breaths, then refer to step 1 until the bleeding has gotten lighter. This method is also good when you have had a heavy nose bleed and the bleeding isn’t do heavy anymore. The method is good because the blood dries up inside your nose over the damaged part, sealing it so blood wont come out of it and bleed out through your nose.

Helpful tips:
When you have a heavy nose bleed and blood starts to form a big big plot in your nose, eliminate it by leaning over the sink/toilet and letting it flow out. The big plot cannot dry up inside the nose because it is too big and will take way too long to dry up. You have to just let it drip out. Continue doing this until the bleeding has gotten a bit lighter.
When you have a really heavy bleed, it helps holding ice cubes, in plastic bags, up against your nose. If it gets too cold and hurts, that’s good keep the ice cubes there. The ice cubes makes the blood vessels in your nose contract, therefore the bleeding will get lighter.
A good method when you have a nose bleed is the use of a tampon. Tampons don’t just help women with their periods, but also help you with a nose bleed. There isn’t much difference between blood coming out a woman’s vagina or your nose, they’re both holes and they both bleed. Just put a tampon from your mom/sister in your nose hole that’s bleeding and wait a while. The tampon will take a long while until it is used up, so don’t wait there for 3 hours with a tampon up your nose. I suggest only using tampons when you have a rather heavy nose bleed, as it will be hard for blood to clot up when you got a tampon up your nose. Once the bleeding has lightened up a bit refer to the steps above. And don’t use this method in public…
Make sure when you have a heavy bleed and you take the tissue away from your nose, do it over the bathroom sink or toilet, you don’t want a bunch of blood all over the floor. 

I hope I helped you guys with the most annoying bleed (for guys). Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. If you are going to troll don’t do it on here as I am only trying to be helpful because I know how annoying a bloody nose can be. And lastly, don’t make fun of my grammar, I’m not born English/American.

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  1. Hello, I am having a problem with my nose since I was a kid. I was brought to Damansara Specialist Hospital and he said that my nose wall is tyhin. Even the doctor at my home Country, Brunei Darussalam said so and refered me to the specialist. Any other tips to stop nose blleding?


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