How to Pass a Drug Test Guaranteed

Do you smoke marijuana and you need to pass a drug test for employment or any other reason? If so, continue reading for the most guaranteed way to pass a urinalysis even if you smoked marijuana the night before the test!

Kristen Stewart smoking marijuana.

As a doctor, I can tell you all of the negative effects of marijuana use.  I could tell you that the marijuana you purchase today is about 50 time more potent than the marijuana sold in the ’60s and ’70s.  Because of that, it has the potential to cause lung cancer much quicker than smoking a pack of cigarettes every day.  Throughout prolonged use, it also has the potential to bring about anxiety and panic disorder because it affects the dopamine center in your brain.  I could also tell you that regular marijuana users experience severe issues of depression and sleeplessness when attempting to quit smoking it. 

Aside from all of the negative medical side effects of marijuana usage, there is also the simple fact that it is illegal.  Now, we could write about ten more articles about the legalities of marijuana usage as it pertains to accepted medical use in certain states as well as the increasing contention to see it legalized in our nation today.  I am not here to talk about all of those things, however.  I am here to tell you, if you are a user of marijuana, how you can pass a drug test no matter how recently or how much you use it.

You should already know how THC from marijuana stays in your system by clinging to your fat cells and is released from your system, through your urine and perspiration, by metabolising.  With that said, I won’t get into the technical stuff as it pertains to how THC is stored in and released form your system.  To pass a drug test you need to either cleanse your system of all stored THC or prevent it from being released into your urine during the time of the test.  The latter is the easiest and most reliable method.

You can find cleansing drinks on the market for exorbitant prices that promise to clean you out in two weeks or so.  Well, that isn’t hard to do with a few two dollar jugs of cranberry juice if you had that much time to work with.  What do you do, however, if you find out you have a drug test two days from now and you just smoked marijuana last night?  You make your body retain the THC for a period of time so that it doesn’t metabolise and release into your urine.

So, just what is this tried and true, guaranteed method of passing a drug test the day after you smoke marijuana?  I’ll present it to you below, step by step.

Step 1

Go to the local grocery store and purchase a box of Sure-Jell for less than two dollars.  It is a fruit pectin and is used in making jams and preserving fruit and is an all-natural product.  It comes in a box the size of a Jello box and is yellow.  See image below.

Step 2

The night before the drug test mix the contents of the Sure-Jell package into a large cup of warm water and chug it down.  You may have to hold your nose while doing this. 

Step 3

You now need to refill the same cup with water and chug that down. 

Step 4

Wait an hour or so and then be sure to

urinate at least once before you lay down for bed.  To release whatever residual amounts of THC that have already been metabolised and released.

Step 5

Upon awakening, your first urination should be in the cup that will be processed for the test. 

If you follow these steps precisely, you will pass every drug test you ever have to take.  What makes this method work so well is that the fruit pectin in the Sure-Jell clings to your fat cells and prevents the THC from metabolising for a period of time, until the Sure-Jell itself works its way through your system.  With that said, you should not drink it now for a test you will be taking a week from now.  This method should only be done night before.  I would like to wish you good luck on your next urinalysis and please feel free to leave a comment on this article explaining your success with this method.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article. Will this work on drugs other than Marijuana?

  2. You shouldn’t do any other drugs, Leo. ;)

  3. OMG I thought I was the only one that knew about this. IT DOES WORK. I have never failed a drug test using sure jell. It’s so awesome that I found this. I am going to send it to my friends.

  4. Nice article

  5. I tried this just the other day and IT WORKED!!! I smoked pot every day for at least two years and I smoke just two nights before my test. I drank the sure jell just as described above and there you have it! Clean drug screen!

  6. will the pectin work if you only have a couple of hours notice?

  7. this did NOT work.

    hit positve after 36 hrs of nothing but surejel and gatorade.
    over a gallon.

  8. You diluted it to much.

  9. how long will it make it clean if i drink it now at 4;00am and have a test at 3:00pm will i be good or sould iwait a cuple more hours

  10. If I drink sure jell for whole 3 weeks til test will I pass??

  11. Haha dumbass ^.. But seriously this shit works.. Get surejel, Gatorade, and water.. Dilute your fuckin piss take SJ 2 hour b4 test drink about 3/4 gallon water piss 3 times and your golden..

    Ps.. If u got some whey protein an b12 be sure to get some I not cuz that will bring up your creative levels an the b12 keeps your piss yellow.. Good luck. Don\’t fuck it up.


  13. well did it work?

  14. I have to pass a drug test for work before this saturday and i smoked last monday. I got told if i drank the sure-jell and gatorade a day or two before my test i should be golden its now 2pm and i just finished a big bottle of sure-jell and gatorade. Should i drink more tomorrow or no?

  15. This dose not work for pills just an FYI

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