“Ihealth” or Eye-health?

Do we enjoy our gadgetry more than our own eye-sight? How far can we go with our iphones, ipods or ipads and poor sight? What will it take for us to remember to appreciate our good health as well as our phones, laptops etc?

My daughter has had lots of issues with allergies and her eyes since she was one years old and we have been in and out of hospital for almost 18 months.  She’s had eye-infections, hay-fever, allergic reactions, scarring on the retina and the worst of the worst was extreme sensitivity to all light, where we had to stay in darkened rooms for days.  It’s been a nightmare.  We have seen doctors, consultants, ‘top’ consultants and a homeopath in order to find solutions to this dis-ease.  We have been passed from GP’s to doctors, then shifted to specialist opticians and opthalmologists in hospitals as well.  In fact, it’s been the worst type of nightmare.   However, the pain, stress and anxiety of having to battle to deal with my daughters eye-allergies really got me thinking about eye health…

Most people have android or iphones or other gadgets.  We so enjoy our ipads, ipods, imacs, PCs, and our large screen TVs.  We celebrate the fact that we have the current or the latest phone, tablet, laptop or even other gadgetry.  However, all these things have one thing in common… You need to be able to see to enjoy them.

We spend a lot of our time looking into our phones or screens.  We tend to know what mega-pixels they have, the size of the screen, how clean it  is, or even the speed of our internet but we don’t always consider, or know the condition of our eyes.  To illustrate,  I had a routine examination and was asked what my eye-sight was.  Huh?  Initially I thought it was a ‘trick’ question because I didn’t have a clue.  Yes, I had been to Specsavers and had the regular eye-exam where they gave me my glasses, and the prescription with all my exam results.   I had a quick glimpse at the paper and put it back into the wallet – who reads those anyway?!!!.  I still don’t have a clue!  And I am yet to come across anyone who does know what their eyesight is – unless they are an optician or opthalmologist, which doesn’t count because they work in that field, too.

The reality is, unless we have an eye-problem, we don’t tend to think about our own ‘eye health’.  We keep our monitors and screens clean on our ‘istuff’, but what about our eyes?  We top up our phones and charge them up whenever required, yet, what about our eyes?!!   When I took my daughter to the homeopath, she said that I need to ‘feed the eyes’.  Which sounded ridiculous for an instant because I had a very brief image of her eyes being fed with a knife and fork!!!!!  She explained that there are specific foods and vitamins that help to balance our eye sight, and if the eyes or the sight is damaged, there are still specific foods and vitamins that we can use to redress the balance within the body.

We are living in a ‘technological’ society, using gadgets, computers, laptops, and phones, all of which makes good eye-health all the more important.  I was forced to consider eyes and eye health because we have had so much difficulty with my daughter’s eyes.  Despite the hell of struggling with her eyes (which are much better six months later), I’ve learned the very valuable lesson of appreciating the gift of eye-health, rather than just focussing on gadgets and ihealth.  This gift, I am sharing with you… so, keep well.

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