Importance of Pleasure and Pain

That is the question.

Pleasure and pain are two states of being and they both are virtues of character.  One cannot have pleasure with pain or pain without pleasure.  Think about the last time you had a wonderful thing happen in your life according to your own definition and then something happened that made that pleasure feel painful.

Pain on the other hand, when it dissipates does it not give you pleasure?  If you feel despair at any given moment, you would not know what pleasure was until you would be relieved from that painful emotion.  The combination and or contrast of Pleasure and Pain are not often thought of as a human device that is natural and connected.  The can also be no respect for the human heart, suffering or thankfulness without the two states of being such as pleasure and or pain.

Actions and Feelings are two components of pleasure and pain.  It is through action that a feeling can occur and through feeling that we experience states of being that we categorize as favorable and or unfavorable, but mostly painful and or pleasurable.  What causes emotionally pain is sometimes how a person is groomed to think about what is pleasureable for some things choosing by some spirts as being good is no good and will unevitablely cause pain as an outcome.  The same goes with pain.  If someone chooses an event, person and or activity that is painful to watch and or participate, when it is over, the feeling of relief will leave the heart pleased and the person ridding themselves of the painful state will have a pleasurable.  The imporantance of pleasure and pain is that they not only cannot stand alone in our existence, they are responses to our habits.

© 2012 Sharon L. West

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