Important Facts About Fresh Frozen Plasma (Ffps)

This article brings to light the important facts about fresh frozen plasma that must be born in the mind of every medical student, doctor, nurse or blood bank worker.

FFPs (Fresh Frozen Plasma) are the plasma extracted from the unit portion of the whole blood. Fresh frozen plasma must be get frozen within 8 hours of it’s collection. FFPs (fresh frozen plasma) contains components of coagulation, complement system and proteins along with fat, carbohydrate and minerals.

FFPs (Fresh Frozen Plasma) must be transfused within 20 minutes from the time of they are brought from the blood bank as they need to be kept under -30 degree centigrade and usually we don’t have any source that may produce temperature of -30 degree centigrade. They can be stored for six months under temperature -30 degree centigrade. Whenever you transfuse FFPs, run PT and APPT within an hour otherwise you will be losing a lot of money of the patient.

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