In The Name of Professional Layyans Society (PLS)

Honestly and devotedly working for the people of district Layyah, Professional Layyans Society is known to everyone. It’s moto is to foster the education and then revolution through education.

Founded in 2006, organized by maturing students of an area known as a backward place to live, Professional Layyans Society is working wonders for students in need of getting admissions to several colleges and universities of the Punjab province. Professional Layyans Society is not a business bank or some type of money-earning group or organization. It is meant to help the students, devoted to lead their way to their destination and has passion to foster the poor and needy students. Salute to the professional bodies, who participated in this great deed in order to make it stand fast.

It was a blessed morning and a golden day when some students, fed up of known nescience of their area, sat together and designed a plan to organize a society of district Layyah for the people of district Layyah. It was the second day of Eid, a get together was held and hundreds of the students (failing the anticipation of the organizers) participated. A society was organized named Professional Layyans Society.

And, history tells, you know, whenever good idea is put forward, criticism happens to born there. Many people spoke against the society. Some of the people mocked and laughed at the idea. This was not their fault, they were hopeless, they did not know about the strength of the unity. Having all this opposition and hatred, Professional Layyans Society continued its way to the destination. Now, PLS is known to everyone in district Layyah. Devoted students and professionals, having pain of the society are working for it.

It is the district Layyah having literacy rate of 90%, though known as backward. Is it justice for it? Every year, hundreds of the students get admission to medical colleges and engineering universities. It has reached the number second in education ratings in Pakistan. How it backward? Why this disgrace is connected to it? This was actually the reason that provoked some students to set a platform of PLS. And, I am sure it will work wonders and reap laurels.

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