Is Botox Treatment for Your Face Good or Bad?

Botox injections are used as outline toxin treatment to paralyze the muscles in the face of humans. This type of process has been used to treat different types of bird’s feet, headaches and muscles. This type of treatment is used for some dermatologist and cosmetic purposes.

Many people want to become wrinkle free in one day. From such uses of this treatment, symptoms that have occurred are flu like symptoms, respiratory infections, facial sagging and rashes. Many people across the world use this type of treatment. From this type of treatment, many people are dissatisfied with the results of the reversal procedures. The dissatisfaction among patients results from inexperience from the physicians and the choice of location of the injections.

From inexperience among physicians across the world many people claim that there is not a reversal for Botox or reversal for skin. Botox is a toxin that paralyzes the neurotransmitter and neuromuscular junctions. In cosmetic surgery, botox reversal can only be an attempt for vasectomy reversal. Many patients choose to use plastic surgery instead of botox reversal to eliminate wrinkles. Many claim after attempting botox reversals, they have been a failure because of the sagging and frown lines between the eyebrows make others feel unapproachable because of their look. Attempting a botox reversal can usually only makes the situation worse when using this type injection for skin care. Many claim that there are medications that are used other than botox that are successful. Using the botox treatment that was recently used on a patient has only been a failure among patients across the world. From statistics, only time will tell if there will be a way for botox reversal.

From research, I have found that if someone chooses to use botox for any part of their body, extensive research is needed. There are many physicians that claim that there is some type of botox reversal and has taken patients money. Many are money hungry and try to use medications for muscle contracting and claim that it is the true botox reversal. Usually this type of procedure can result in other muscular problems and internal health problems for some patients. Research is needed because there are many without license that chooses to practice on patients. The patient will need to do a background check and research to see if this person is even licensed or a physician for this type of treatment. Many phony physicians can obtain a fake license and certificates to pretend to be physicians for this costly treatment. Botox has harmed many people physically so this is something to think about amongst others who want the treatment.

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  1. I think botox must always be approached with caution. You’re absolutely right. Thorugh research on this must be done before undergoing such a treatment.

  2. i think i’d opt out from botox, but really nice info

  3. great information thanx for share

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