Lazy Eye Cure Found!

If you have a lazy eye like 1/3 of Americans, scientists have discovered a breakthrough about this condition by testing done on rats.

Prozac Cures Lazy Eye

Amblyopia, or lazy eye, may have a cure recently discovered by Italian researchers.  This treatment is called Prozac, or fluoxetine (an anti-depressant drug).  The beneficial effect of the drug on lazy eye is that it can promote brain plasticity, or remodeling, in the visual processing in the brain.  Lazy eye occurs when one eye doesn’t receive as much visual input as the other, so the other eye takes over most of the visual processing in the brain.  This is observed in early development as in children, and if not, then it could lead to permanently defective vision.  Scientists created a study with rats that had Amblyopia and using Prozac, the experiment proved to work fully and the rats recovered with full vision and normal behavior.  Researchers believe that Prozac opens pathways to genes that regulate plasticity and makes the brain’s vision either restored or improved.  This study could eventually lead to the treatment effects of antidepressants or mood disorders.

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