Let’s See The Other Side Ice Cubes

In addition to the release thirst and friends soft drinks, ice cubes proved useful to overcome the pain that attack the body.

Here are tips on the use of ice as a pain reliever:

• Back pain
When the day’s work in front of the computer certainly backs ache. Stick ice cubes just gets back that feels pain. The pain will disappear along with the melting ice cubes.

• Burned sun
For sunburned skin, immediately wrap ice cubes in a towel and gently compress on the burning sun.

• Bitten by insects
If skin insect bites, you can use ice cubes in a way quite greasing-dab it with ice cubes. In doing about 5-10 minutes so the swelling will be gone.

• Migraines and headaches
If the migrant headache or attack you just put ice cubes in a plastic behind your neck and temples.

Do not rush to a decision to use pain relief medication, we must be careful in choosing a drug. But a good idea to try to use a natural remedy.

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