List of Surgical Instruments

Small animal study.

Generally, when you perform any small animal study, the basic surgical instruments you need include as follow:

  1. Anesthetics
  2. One hair clippers.
  3. Iodine for aseptic surgical area preparation.
  4. Cover sheets.
  5. Scalpel.
  6. Forceps.
  7. Gauze.
  8. Scissors
  9. Hemostats
  10. Thread
  11. Thread with needle
  12. Needle holder
  13. Surgical tray

A general list gets you started in a surgery, but for each individual and unique surgery and for that individual patient you may need to include other equipment to perform the surgery on that patient. Then all you need to remember is when it says, “Amputate left leg.” it means the patient’s left leg, not the left you see, the patients left leg. Imagine as you wake up and a doctor stand there and says, “I’m sorry Billy we cut the wrong leg off, but we’ll prep you for surgery tomorrow and try again.”

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