Loneliness Can Shorten The Ages

Loneliness Can Shorten the Ages.

Loneliness often make a person prone to depression, loneliness often make life seemed meaningless, and loneliness can make a person die quickly.

These findings obtained from a study conducted by the University of California ilmuwn. They found that loneliness is a major source of the cause of stress experienced by parents. Not only that, loneliness is also at risk of shortening their age up to 10 percent.

“Loneliness is a major source of suffering for the elderly. We have demonstrated that it can also be a factor of damage to health, including mortality and decreased body function,” said Dr. Carla Perissinotto the team leader.

The research team conducted an analysis of the relationship between loneliness with a decrease in organ function and mortality in the elderly. At least, there are about 1604 participants into the sample in this study. The participants involved a median age of 71 years.

The results found that 43.2 percent of participants admitted to feeling lonely and the risk of premature death among them increased by 22.8 percent compared to those who do not feel lonely at only 14.2 percent.

In addition 24.8 percent of participants who feel lonely also decreased physical and psychic abilities in performing everyday activities, compared to 12.5 percent of those who feel cared for. While 40.8 percent of them have trouble down the ladder compared to 14.2 percent of parents who feel happy.

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  1. Loneliness has many disadvantages. While living alone in the 1970’s I learned a lot about myself. I would visit the local billiards room and play eight ball for recreation. I would also talk to friends on my CB set. I think the one of the worst kinds of loneliness is not being in touch with oneself…

    Great article. Thanks for sharing.

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